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Simone Biles Rewrites Gymnastics Record Books, Becoming First Person To Execute Historic Dismount

The Olympic gold medalist continues to make her case as the greatest athlete of all time.

Iconic Olympic gymnast Simone Biles made history over the weekend with a record-shattering double dismount.

The 22-year-old was one of many gymnasts on hand for the U.S. Gymnastics Championships this weekend. Biles is gunning for her sixth national title, and so far she's on the right track. According to USA Today, she rewrote the record books on August 9 with a double-twisting double somersault.

The feat is considered by experts to be one of the most difficult landings to pull-off. However, Biles made it look easy by becoming the first person to successfully execute the challenging sequence.

At only 22, Biles has racked up five Olympic medals and will achieve far more by the time she retires. CNN notes the 14-time world champion will be able to make more history by the conclusion of this weekend's championships, although she was initially disappointed at her floor exercise performance earlier that day, where she missed the landing and fell forward.

“I’m still really upset about floor,” she said. “I did end on a good note, so that makes me happy. But I’m still disappointed about floor."

“I still get really frustrated because I know how good I am and how well I can do,” Biles added. “So I just want to do the best routine for the audience and for myself out here.”

After the two-day mark, the young gymnast is currently leading the competition. She has a great chance of winning her sixth championship — a feat no other woman has achieved since Clara Schroth Lomady in 1952.

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