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Rihanna Reveals She Felt Like A 'Clown' When She Rocked This Look On The Met Gala Red Carpet

The singer revealed that she drove pass the red carpet three times before getting out.

Singer and fashion icon Rihanna revealed that she felt like a "clown" the night she wore her iconic yellow gown to the 2015 Met Gala.

During an Access Hollywood interview, the "Diamonds" singer admitted that she had a bout of anxiety before stepping onto the red carpet after seeing what other guests were wearing that night, according to BuzzFeed. 

“I remember being so scared to get out of that car because I felt like, ‘I’m doing too much.’ I was driving past the red carpet, and I was just seeing, like, gowns, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m a clown. People are going to laugh at me. This is like, too much,’" the 32-year-old recalled.

"I circled like, three times, I’m not even joking. And finally, I was like, ‘Whatever, let’s go. Let’s just go. Let’s just go.’ I know. I don’t regret it,” she continued.

The singer said her team had to strategically plan her arrival at the red carpet with the oversized Guo Pei designer dress and that she was skeptical at first. 

“That night, the choreography of getting in the car and getting out, like, we had to choreograph it,” she said. “Who sits at the door? Where does the coat go? Where do I sit?”

The theme for the event was "China: Through the Looking Glass," and Rihanna certainly came to impress with the yellow gown that cascaded down the infamous red steps.

At the beginning of the year, Rihanna said that she often has "devastating" nervousness before an event, revealing that she skipped out on her 2016 Grammys performance at the last minute because of her anxiety, Vogue reports

"Oh, I'm nervous before even getting in the car to go to something," she said, adding that she finds herself "crisis breathing" in the car.

She was scheduled to perform "Kiss It Better" but decided to pull out just hours before.

"I left the Grammys one time. Left! In the middle of my hair and make-up. My hair half up, half of my lash on,” Rihanna said.

She laughed about the incident but reassured that being in those environments can be challenging at times.

"Being on camera, being in a room full of celebrities is still not normal for me, by the way," she said. "Nothing makes me feel better than being invisible."

Check out the full interview below:

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