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Rick Ross Decided To Cut His Own Oak Trees After Refusing To Pay Contractor $10K

Ross just might have a future in lawn care.

Maybach Music Group founder, rapper and businessman Rick Ross understands the value of a dollar and chooses not to spend his coins frivolously.

Over the weekend, Ross posted a story to his Instagram page defending his decision not to hire a contractor to cut down some trees on his property. When he received the estimate to chop down 10 trees, the rapper balked at the quote of $1,000 per tree and decided to cut his trees himself, Complex reports.

"I'm up early this morning. And I just got my estimate. I got like 10 trees I want to cut down. They say, 'Them big trees, them big oak trees, Rozay.' I said, 'I don't care. I want to them cut down. Them f**king up the vibe right there.' N***a told me $1,000 a tree for 10 trees; that's $10,000," the rapper said, adding that he needed to make room for his animals. 

Ross said he decided to ask his friend to purchase a chain saw at Home Depot so he could do the job himself.

"I just told my homie, 'You go to Home Depot and you go get me the biggest m********kin' saw there is with a big chain, and you crank that m********ker. Imma cut the trees down.' You heard me? The thing about business, I'm hands on, so Imma handle my own. … Hold on, I need someone to hit Kanye and tell Kanye I need some of them boots, I'm going to cut the tree down. I need some boots. Yeezy! I need them boots, baby!"

Ross donned a straw cowboy-style hat, a long-sleeve shirt, black jeans and white sneakers, along with a chainsaw in hand to tackle the task at hand.

True to his word, Ross posted a video showing him cutting down one of his oak trees.

"Instead of me paying $10,000 to an outsider, went to Home Depot and bought two new saws for $2,000," he said in his story. "Was really only $5,000 worth of work. You take the $5,000, give that to your homies. … You still got $3,000 for ya pockets. Come on, man, you could go get Wing Stop, man."

Blavity previously reported that the rapper flies commercial planes, is a fan of antiquing and has immense pride in cutting the grass on his massive estate, saving himself a million dollars in maintenance.

"When I bought the Fayetteville estate, locals would see me walk out of a restaurant and scream, 'You know Holyfield spent $1 million a year to cut the grass.' So I decided that I was gonna cut my own grass. And that's what I did," Ross said in an interview with Forbes.

"I went down to John Deere and asked to see the biggest tractor, the most efficient tractor. I told them I had 200-plus acres that I wanted to keep cut, and they pointed out the right tractor," he added.

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