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#NoShaveNovember has arrived and everyone is here for it

Men are getting in formation, pushing their razors and clippers to the back of their bathroom sink to be solidarity with the movement widely known as No-Shave November.

Outside of it being a chance for us to thirst over luscious-bearded baes on a daily, #NoShaveNovember is actually rooted in an amazing cause. It started as a cancer awareness campaign and has been backed by organizations like St. Jude Children's Hospital and the American Cancer Society. As seen on the No-Shave November website, the biggest goal for the month every year is "to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free." Simply by letting Father Nature work his magic on facial hair, the charitable movement, made official in 2009, has helped to raise thousands of dollars since its inception and thrusted a hashtag into something major.
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Most of the population is embracing this month with open arms.

Others, however, aren't as excited.


But who wouldn't love the opportunity to truly put self-care and manscaping first?

What about the warm, fuzzy feeling one could get by donating to a cause that is raising money and awareness for life-altering illnesses such as prostate or colon cancer?

Who'd hate on a chance to marvel at this?

Much love to all these guys! The conversation was hilarious, and they had great energy and positive vibes! #BlackMenWithBeards A photo posted by Black Men With Beards™ (@blackmenwithbeards) on

Or this?

For the Culture 🇬🇭🌍 w/@yawamoakogh Photo Cred: @agyeiphotography Blazers by: @ruva_afric_wear

A photo posted by Justin Kwamina Spio (@justinspio) on

...or this?

No matter where you stand on #NoShaveNovember, we're ABSOLUTELY here for this.

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