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Rapper Kash Doll Talks Sisterhood And Rising Above The Vitriol

“I just feel like to protect everything that you want and you pray for, you just have to learn how to block certain things out," the rapper told Blavity News.

If you love women's empowerment music, then you probably love "Big KD," otherwise known as Kash Doll.

The Detroit femcee made headlines this week when she announced her pregnancy on social media, leaving fans and colleagues alike in a frenzy of excitement.

Kash Doll stopped by Blavity News earlier in September to discuss sisterhood, rising above haters and her newest role on 50 Cent’s Black Mafia Family.

On "Black Mafia Family"

We met our favorite Detroit native through hit songs like “Ice Me Out” and “For Everybody,” but now we get to see her take her talents to TV. Kash Doll will have a recurring role on 50 Cent’s upcoming television drama, Black Mafia Family, where she'll play Monique, a woman caught in a love triangle. 

“I’m most excited for people to see BMF overall, not just me,” KD said. “I’m just excited for people to see what the story is about, coming from Detroit. I’m a Detroit native myself. We don’t have a lot of stories coming from Detroit and this is very popular.”

The starlet gushed about fans witnessing her versatility and talents on the small screen.

“Just to see my versatility and the things I really can pull off,” Kash Doll said. “I just want people to see my talents and like it.”

On sisterhood

Over the course of her career, Kash Doll has collaborated with a number of her female peers, including Dreezy, Tokyo Jetz and more to create smash hits. The rapper feels it’s important for women to stick together in the music industry because of the onslaught of misogyny from men.  

“When it comes to the game and being in a male-dominated industry, I feel like us women should always try to uplift because we’re already getting dragged for things that they love us for,” Kash Doll said. “We get dragged for our sexuality and what we talk about in our music when you love us for how sexy we are.” 

Kash Doll believes her mother played a pivotal role in her understanding the importance of uplifting other women. 

“My mom had five kids at 21 and she had tough times,” Kash Doll said. “When she had tough times, she always had her sister over or one of her friends came over and I saw how they comforted each other, and that’s why I feel like I’m the woman that I am.”

On rising above haters

Oftentimes, women in the limelight are subjected to incessant derogatory criticism. Kash Doll said she's learned to tune it out. 

“I just feel like to protect everything that you want and you pray for, you just have to learn how to block certain things out and just know they don’t mean it and pray for them and keep it pushing,” the "Single & Happy" rapper said. “You have to or you’ll be in the same position they’re in, you’ll be so angry that you’ll be sitting here commenting and doing mean things to someone else.”

But she wasn't always so impervious to the vitriol.

“I used to cry, I used to be so upset, I never understood why people hated me so badly,” The rapper said. “When I noticed it wasn’t just me, it was every special person there is in this world that God gave a certain blessing to, I noticed that, ‘Okay, it’s not just me.'"

Watch the full interview below:
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