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Posted under: 2020 Election

Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For That Guy Who Has Been Ghosting You

"If he wants to go silent, let him go. He is not the one for you."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren sat down for an interview Wednesday with ELLE Magazine to give advice to troubled readers and to take her campaign slogan, "I've got a plan for that," to the next level.

During her campaign, Warren has consistently been asked about her plans for student loans, college funding and wealth taxes, but in her latest sit down, her plans got a little more personal, as she gave ELLE's audience advice on how to convince your roommate to get a dog and what to do about a guy who has started to go ghost.

During the interview, Warren was presented with a scenario where a couple had been casually dating but the guy had stopped responding to texts, despite still viewing their stories on Instagram. 

“Give him up! You’re too good for him,” Warren emphatically responded. “If he wants to go silent, let him go. He is not the one for you. Guys who do that… nuh-uh, you’re better than that."

The answer took some by surprise, while others were confused as to how you could dump someone who was ghosting you and already seemed to have dropped you from their life.

Warren went on to answer a wide array of questions, but no matter how much fun was had, she eventually brought everything back to a politically focused message. 

"You show up to volunteer, you show up to vote," Warren told ELLE. "That really means you’ve got that little piece of hope still in you that, in a democracy, no matter how bad it is, together, we’re going to make this better."

As of right now, Warren is polling third nationally among her Democratic primary contenders, according to Real Clear Politics, with slightly under 15% support in an average of all registered polls. 

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