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'Queen & Slim' Star Jodie Turner-Smith Bares Pregnant Belly During Interview And Has 'Zero F**ks' To Give About It

So we just get no choice but to stan, huh?

British actress Jodie Turner-Smith took to Twitter this week to give a resounding message to anyone critical of her body and the way in which she presents it.

“Gives zero fucks about your disdain for pregnant women’s bodies on british television,” the Queen & Slim star tweeted following her appearance on BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show in an outfit where she rocked her pregnant belly.

While on a promo tour to talk about her most recent film with co-star Daniel Kaluuya, viewers of the show criticized Turner-Smith for her wardrobe with others also body-shaming her. 

“I don’t need to see your bump on a talk show thanks. There’s something to be said for being quietly proud of the miracle growing inside you. Thanks but no thanks for your visual display," one tweet read according to Stylist

Others asked why she would want to expose her stomach and what purpose it would serve. 

Since Turner-Smith’s fervent Twitter post, her fans and allies have rallied around her. 

Others told the body-shamers to go find one of the f**ks Turner-Smith doesn't have.

Despite what some fans wish Turner-Smith would change about her body, the actress’s pregnant look is award-winning. Turner-Smith and her partner Joshua Jackson were awarded best-looking couple at the BAFTA Awards by Vogue

The Queen and Slim actress, currently pregnant with the couple's first child, wore a gown by Gucci. She dazzled with a scooped neckline and beautiful yellow accents. Jackson followed his lady’s lead as he complimented her with a Gucci black tuxedo and a satin bow tie. Like most smart men, Jackson matched his wife’s fly but did so without taking any of the spotlight off her. 

Following Turner-Smith’s appearance on the Norton Show, US Weekly reported that she dropped hints about the baby’s gender when she said “she’s bored” regarding how the baby spends its time growing in her stomach. Let Turner-Smith tell it, the baby has been a dream baby and hasn’t done much kicking. 

Earlier this month, Turner-Smith admitted that Jackson was her first-ever celebrity crush in a sit-down with W Magazine.

“It was Pacey from Dawson’s Creek!” she said. 

She also revealed that she was once an extra on HBO’s True Blood, where the role required her to “be comfortable with nudity.” 

So to the haters: good luck trying to make this accomplished woman feel anything other than proud of herself. She’s married to her crush and winning the awards haters can only dream about.  

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