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Protests Lead Sacramento Bar To Cancel Shows From Openly Homophobic And Racist 'Hick-Hop' Rappers During Pride Month

After LGBTQ groups protested, the Goldfield Trading Post decided to cancel the sold out performances of Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones.

A bar in Sacramento decided on Wednesday to cancel a performance from Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones on Pride Weekend after LGBTQ groups protested and threatened to boycott the establishment.

According to the bar's Facebook page, Goldfield Trading Post agreed to cancel the shows, which are part of the “Crazy White Boy Tour." The tour apparently features both Jones and Calhoun, who have become famous as part of the "hick-hop" conservative movement.

"Over the past few days we have spoken to, but more importantly listened to, the community that we are very proud to be a part of. After hearing all of your concerns and feedback we have decided to go ahead and cancel the upcoming Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones shows," Goldfield Trading Post owners Eric Rushing and Bret Bair wrote.  

"We apologize for the angst that booking these shows has caused many members of the community, and wish everyone a wonderful weekend in this great city of ours."

Jones and Calhoun have become popular in conservative circles for their music and YouTube videos, which feature harshly critical comments about Black, gays and transgender people.

He has a song called "Racism" where he repeatedly calls Black people the N-word and talks about stereotypes of Black people. 

“Baby mama b***hin’, you ain’t taking care of business/All you do is smoke weed, run around with other b***hes/And you can’t keep a job, ‘cause you’re in and out of prison/Guess it must be Trump’s fault, ‘cause you’re making bad decisions,” Calhoun said in the song.

His YouTube page is full of videos denigrating civil rights movements and promoting President Trump. He also has dozens of videos where he criticizes gay people and questions whether transgender people are real.


On Tuesday, LGBTQ advocates, musicians and other bars said they would boycott Goldfield Trading Post for their decision to host the concert, which sold out two shows on June 7 and 8.

"Goldfields Trading Post has booked the openly racist and homophobic rappers Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones to perform on June 7th and 8th, overlapping Pride celebrations, to apparently a sold-out crowd," The Sacramento LGBT Community Center wrote on Facebook.

"It is disheartening to know that local establishments would like to profit and support the content that this musical duo spew in their racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and xenophobic lyrics at all, let alone during the SacPride weekend celebration."

Many worried outright that the audience for that kind of show would be violent toward the LGBTQ groups that would be celebrating across the city throughout the weekend.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center said in their post that people "are concerned about attendees of this show at Goldfields possibly risking the safety of Pride parties nearby in the Lavender Heights district and as well as the official SacPride festivities. We also understand and support those in the community that have voiced interested in protesting the event."

"With safety as a number one priority, the Sacramento Pride and Sacramento LGBT Community Center staff and volunteers are updating their safety plan to anticipate and deescalate any situations that may spill over into the actual SacPride festivities," they added.

"The constant barrage of injustices lately is pretty overwhelming and generally makes me feel powerless, but at least this one feels like something we can change," Sacramento musician Vinnie Guidera wrote on Facebook.

To any of my music peers in Sacramento that haven’t yet seen this: Goldfield booked some homophobic s******s to play two shows during Pride week. Don’t give them your money, and don’t make them money by giving them your talent. Don’t hang there and don’t play there. 🏳️‍🌈"

Bar owners Rushing and Bair initially defended their decision to host the concert, claiming they "don't agree with everything their performers say" and that the people complaining were probably not customers of the bar.

“Look, he sold out two shows so he obviously has a fanbase here. Do I agree with that fanbase? Maybe, maybe not. I have a business and music venues and book artists of all music genres,” Bair told The Sacramento Bee on Tuesday.

When the controversy began to pick up steam, they made another, now-deleted comment on Facebook welcoming protests but apologizing for scheduling the concerts during Sacramento's Pride weekend. 

A city council member even chimed in, noting his opposition to having the two rappers perform.

"If you would like to protest Goldfield Trading Post, that is your right to do so," the bar wrote on Facebook and then deleted on Wednesday.

"Protest creates conversation, and conversation is how we will make this world a better place for all of us to live in.”

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