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Posted under: Politics

President Trump Tweets Photoshopped 'Rocky' Image And Twitter Doesn't Know What To Do

Wednesday marked the film's 34th anniversary, and President Trump gave his acknowledgement a ... personal touch.

ESPN acknowledged the 34th anniversary of Rocky IV  with an epic tweet Wednesday, highlighting the historic knockout of Ivan Drago.

The message was followed by a presidential tweet that included a photoshopped image with Donald Trump's head on the body of Sylvester Stallone from the 1985 film.

Twitter did not hesitate to respond to the President's wishful physique, with users taking time throughout the day to clown the president's seemingly pointless tweet.

The president has yet to respond to any of the criticism or give a reason as to why he decided to acknowledge the release of this film over the hundreds of other film anniversaries that have occurred this year. Who knows? At least we got a laugh or two in!

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