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Popular Vine star opens up about battle with depression on 18th birthday

A popular social media sensation used his 18th birthday to open up about his struggle with depression and to raise awareness about mental health. @MeechOnMars, whose real name is Demetrius Harmon, has gained a huge following on social media, particularly Vine, over the past few years. This popularity has increased even more recently as one of the major players in the incredible #TrapCover trend (I'm still laughing at his cover of "You Belong with Me" today). On Tuesday, March 1, Harmon posted a video to his fans for his birthday, detailing his battle with depression and how he didn't think that he would make it to the age of 18. “A lot of people denounce it (mental health) since they don’t see any proof. That only makes it worse,” said Harmon in the nearly 12-minute clip. “When I was 14, when I was 12, I didn’t think I would make it to his age. I thought I would commit suicide. I told myself if I made it to this point, I would never consider committing suicide again.” He talked about his own struggle and how he thought that no one understood who he really was. All of this heightened when he had numerous close relatives in his family pass away. "My grandad passed away, my aunt passed away, my great grandma passed away. The people that you feel give purpose in your life...what is your purpose when you lose those people? You have to find a new purpose." He detailed how he thought of committing suicide, only deciding against it because he didn’t want his mom to lose another person in her life. “It didn’t stop my depression, but I found my purpose.  My purpose now is to help people feel like they are not alone.” In addition to the video, Harmon partnered with NachoBirthday to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illnesses. For every 100 people that commented "Happy Birthday" on the post, $20 would be donated. So far $415 of Harmon's $100 goal has been reached.

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