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Ohio Twin Brothers Demonstrate Black Excellence Times Two, Becoming Valedictorian And Salutatorian Of Senior Class

It is hard to separate twins.

Two identical twin brothers from a Toledo, Ohio, high school achieved the highest GPAs in their graduating class. 

Deontae and Denotrae Wright are brothers and tough-nosed competitors. The 17-year-olds were named valedictorian and salutatorian of Scott High School.

For four long years, they hunkered down, buried their heads in books and achieved their academic goals. 

According to Fox 8, Deontae holds a 4.5 GPA, and Deontrae has a 4.4.

“We both like to compete against each other,” Deontrae told the news outlet. “That’s what made us valedictorian and salutatorian, because we want to score higher than each other.”

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But they are more than bookworms. During their high school academic careers, they worked part-time jobs and volunteered in the community racking up 70 hours of community service. A competitive fire fueled them.

The teens' GPA would go back and forth. One moment Deontae would lead, and the next Deontrae would be on top.

Eventually, Deontae, the eldest among them, would have the highest GPA out of the graduating class.

“Our GPA’s would switch back and forth,” Deontae said. “It feels awesome knowing that I put in the work and got something out of it. It feels great at the end of the day.”

All the hard work and dedication to excellence paid off. The Wright brothers will attend Ohio State on full-ride scholarships in the fall. According to WTVG, they will major in electrical engineering.

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