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Naomi Campbell Says She Was Denied Entry To Cannes Film Festival Event Because She's Black

The fashion icon continues to speak out against racial discrimination in the modeling industry.

Naomi Campbell says she was denied entry to an event in Cannes, France in May because of the color of her skin. 

Campbell is widely known to be one of the most iconic faces in the modeling industry. Throughout her rise to stardom in the fashion and entertainment industries, she has never shied away from addressing racism in the entertainment industry. 

Most recently, Campbell said that she was denied entry to an event for Cannes Film Festival because of “the color of [her] skin” according to Paris Match. 

The 49-year-old supermodel told the French magazine about a time where she was entering an undisclosed hotel for an event. She claimed the doorman did not want to let her or her friend in because of blatant racial discrimination. 

“The guy at the entrance pretended that the place was complete. But he let other people pass," Campbell revealed. "It is for these kinds of shocking moments that I will continue to express myself and make myself heard." 

Campbell has always been consistent in her vision to advocate for and uplift the community. 

In a 2018 cover story with GQ, the fashion icon said that she chooses jobs specifically based on how they help Black people, as previously reported by Blavity. 

“I don’t give a f**k about fame. It’s not about that for me. It’s about what does it do for my people now. If I do this job, where can it go? Where does it lead to? What can I do for them? That’s where I’m thinking,” she told the magazine. 

That same year, she called for the establishment of a Vogue Africa. 

"Africa has never had the opportunity to be out there and their fabrics and their materials and their designs be accepted on the global platform. It shouldn't be that way. People have come to realize it is not about the color of your skin to define if you can do the job or not.” she said in Teen Vogue.
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