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Michelle Obama Defends The Squad With Tweet Calling Out Trump's Racism

When they go low, she goes high.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama defended the "Squad" against President Donald Trump's racist, xenophobic tweets.  

Obama published a tweet July 19 in solidarity with Democratic Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Nearly a week ago, Trump suggested the freshmen congresswomen should return to their countries of origin for alleged criticism of the U.S.

"What truly makes our country great is its diversity,” Obama tweeted. “I’ve seen that beauty in so many ways over the years. Whether we are born here or seek refuge here, there’s a place for us all. We must remember it’s not my America or your America. It’s our America.”

The backlash from the left was definitely expected. However, what was not expected was German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau coming out against Trump. 

During Merkel's annual summer news conference last Friday, she said the United States' greatest strength was its diversity. 

"People of very different nationalities have contributed to the strength of the American people, so these are ... comments that very much run counter to this firm impression that I have," Merkel told the press. "This is something that contradicts the strength of America.”

Trump supporters have claimed the president's tweets were not racist. However, when the president held a rally in Greenville, North Carolina last week, supporters launched into a cult-like chant.

"Send her back," ranged out throughout the venue. In the aftermath of the latest racist incident, Trump voiced his displeasure in the crowd, then later called rallygoers “incredible patriots.”

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