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Megan Thee Stallion Checks A Nosy Radio Host Who Asked If She Was Wearing A 'Wig Or Weave?'

Before you ask -- yes, he is.

Radio personality Tim Westwood asked Megan Thee Stallion a question you should never ask a Black woman and was promptly put in his place.

The “Simon Says” rapper appeared on the Capital XTRA radio show in London to discuss her music, but Westwood’s mind was elsewhere.

“Wig or weave?” Westwood questions.

Hot Girl Meg gave the perfect response.

“Um…not your business,” she replied.

“Oh, for real? Are you serious?” he shot back.

 “Do not ask ladies what they got going on,” Megan said.

The radio host tried to justify his nosiness by saying he likes to trick off on his ladies, but Megan didn’t budge.

“Nails, shoes, bags, sometimes rent,” Westwood explained. “Not yet, but one day it will be titties and ass, I’ll have to pay for that.”

Stallion didn’t take her boot off of his neck.

“You just worry about the funds,” Megan said. “You just worry about the funding part. You don’t got to worry about how it got done.”

Westwood wisely backed down.

“Sorry I asked,” he said.

Westwood was clearly oblivious, but his behavior had many shaking their heads.

Tim, if you don’t know, now you know.

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Ashleigh is a writer and podcaster based in Atlanta, GA. She isa social justice senshi, not a SJW. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @ashleighlakieva.