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Man Takes Puppy Love To Next Level, Wins Hearts On Black Twitter By Matching His Durags With His Dog's

Find you someone who loves you as much as Blair loves his dog, Hershie.

On September 30, Blair Simon took being a dog lover to new heights when he posted pictures of he and his schnauzer, Hershie, in matching durags.

"What I get, he get," Simon tweeted that magical day. The tweet of the dynamic duo instantly went viral, racking up over 125,000 retweets and 390,000 likes.

Obviously, Twitter caught all the feels for the love between this man and his best friend.

But it didn't stop there. Some users asked about the knot Simon did with his durag, so he gave his fans what they wanted: a video tutorial on how to do the "flower" knot.

Which has spawned a challenge of sorts:

And of course some people took the opportunity to shoot their shot: 

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Simon said “I treat him as if he were my son. I truly believe he acts just like me and thinks the same as I do. I felt like putting a durag on him so we can sleep and walk around alike.”

Can't wait to see their Christmas portraits. We're sure they'll be lit!

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