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Malia Obama Declares Summer By Stepping Out In Box Braids In NYC

We stan a braid queen.

As soon as Malia Obama started her first year at Harvard University, photos surfaced of the young forever POTUS/FLOTUS legacy. From pictures of her alleged boo to shots of the student simply walking around on campus, all eyes were on the elder Obama sis.

Well, now, all eyes are on her hair. Malia has always rocked luscious locks because you know, she gets it from her mama. Her hair stayed laid at official presidential events, and now that she's a college student, ish just got real.

How real? Protective style real. 

When we saw the captured pic in Harper's Bazaar, we felt her. 

Yas, sis!

We all know or remember the struggles of balancing a new undergrad workload with some semblance of a social life, not to mention daily grooming. Gone are the days where you get to do your hair every day because every moment is precious, especially when you're at an Ivy League!

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

Campus hair lives in the same boat as vacation hair.

All black girls can relate to this! Malia, you are a mood

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