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Lizzo Celebrated Juneteenth In The Best Way Possible

The singer-songwriter shared a jubilant video on TikTok detailing her adventures in LA spreading wealth.

Rapper, singer-songwriter Lizzo supported Black-owned businesses for Juneteenth in the absolute best way possible by spreading her wealth. 

In a recent jubilant TikTok video that she posted to her Instagram, the 33-year-old shared her weekend adventures of supporting Black businesses across Los Angeles, Buzzfeed reported. 

The “Truth Hurts” songstress first hit up the historic Black neighborhood of Leimert Park in South Los Angeles where she ran into fans from Houston. 

While there, Lizzo supported Ackee Bamboo, a Jamaican restaurant, and bought lunch for all of the patrons and fans outside. 

"Cuz baby, it's Juneteenth,” Lizzo said in the video. 

For Juneteenth, Leimert Park hosted a festival after being closed for three years, according to the Los Angeles Times. Hundreds of people had gathered in Leimert Park Village that Saturday as the new federal holiday was also celebrated across the country, as Blavity previously reported.   

In the footage, Lizzo can be seen hugging a group of fans which she then calls the “best group hug of my life.” She captioned a video posted to Instagram on Sunday with the same words.

Next, she supported Black and female-owned bakery Southern Girl Desserts before hitting up Malik Books, a Black-owned bookstore. She said she learned the store typically sells 80 books per day so the queen herself bought 80 and didn't hesitate to give the clerk extra money when she heard he was a recent grad.    

Afterward, Lizzo visited a Black and female-owned beauty supply shop in Compton. She shared that she paid for the people's items inside the store.

"Support Black businesses, ya'll," Lizzo said in the clip while standing with the shop's owner. 

Lizzo ended the video by taking pictures and hugging more fans. 

“It was so fun y'all,” she said.

With all the good Lizzo has sprinkled into the world, good things must be soon coming back to her. In fact, just last week, the British Phonographic Industry certified Lizzo’s hit anthem “Juice” as platinum in the U.K.

The good doesn't stope there. In April, Lizzo made a case for supporting body positivity by posting a nude picture on Instagram in partnership with Dove for their new #DoveSelfEsteemProject, as Blavity previously reported. The singer captioned the picture with a strong message encouraging people to change the language spoken around beauty standards. 

Lizzo has always been free and outspoken about her body while leading conversations about how people discover self-love regardless of their size. 

On Sunday, actress Jameela Jamil came to the singer's defense after a Twitter user made a senseless joke in response to an article headline referring to Lizzo's stomach as "abs."   

In the tweet, Jamil said people should stop fixating so heavily on Lizzo's body shape. 

In the meantime, Lizzo has continued to do what she does best: stay true to herself.

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