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Life Comes Around And Knocks You Down, But These Tips Could Help You Get Back Up With A Smile

Negative feelings are inevitable, but these tactics can help you.

Of course we all want to be happy, and that goal is attainable, but along with practicing self-care and getting your shit together, we have to (not to be cliché) start within. All of those seeking happiness have the power to be happy. It’s not necessarily a hard thing, it’s more of a consistent thing. Small changes in your behavior can lead you to that path happiness.

Note that happiness is not something that we all have the luxury of feeling every single day, because life happens. We all experience bad hours, days, months and maybe even an unfortunate year. The goal is, even though we go through horrible days, we have the power to control our thoughts, maintain optimism and keep going. Overcoming negative thoughts and being optimistic are two ways to becoming happier.

Overcome Negative Thinking

One way to enhance your positive super powers is overcoming your negative thinking. Sometimes we get into our own heads and drown ourselves with our own negativity. You use your negative powers to mess with yourself, so use your positive powers to turn your frown upside down (that was so corny, I know).

Here are ways to overcome your negative thinking:

Take Your Own Advice

When our friends and family are in a bad situation, we give them uplifting advice. Why is it when we go through our own trials and tribulations we don’t give ourselves the same treatment? Give yourself the same advice you would give a loved one. Talk to yourself nice.

It’s OK To Worry

I wholeheartedly disagree with people who tell others to stop thinking about the things that they are worried about. That makes you think about your issues more, which makes it worse. Acknowledge why you’re upset and come up with solutions. I always tell people to exhaust all their resources and come up with every fix they can think of to their problem.

Be Optimistic

Have you ever been around someone who always looks at the cup half full? Those people seem so annoying, but that is the type of thought process you should have when things are not going as planned. Be the little ball of sunshine in your own life and watch how things seem a tad better. Being optimistic is not overlooking the negative aspect of the situation, but acknowledging it and looking at the bright side. For example, you may not have gotten into the graduate school that you wanted to. This would be an optimistic thought. “Not getting into the school I loved sucks, but this may be an opportunity to find another school that aligns with my goals.”

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