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Judge Lynn Toler Is Outdone After Married Couple Partly Blames Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Feud For Their Own Beef

I know the DJ at the wedding was confused.

In a clip posted on the Twitter page for the nation's longest-running court television show, a couple detailed how they broke up because of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's beef.

On Wednesday, Divorce Court posted a preview of an upcoming episode with guests D’Andrew Leaphart and his soon to be ex-husband Don’te Leaphart.

During the show, the couple said they were married for two years after dating, and when Judge Lynn Toler asked for the cause of the separation, D’Andrew responded, “the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B beef, I was serious about that!”

“I thought you were joking,” Judge Toler responded.

Don'te said that his former boo jumped in his face during the argument which he later admitted was silly.

“We were just saying who started what between their beef and it got escalated to the point that I had to leave,” D’Andrew said.

Judge Toler, seemingly shocked by the weight the rap beef had on the couple's split, asked: “Who was saying what about whom?”

The two answered the judge, stating their allegiances with Don’te claiming Cardi B and D’Andrew claiming to be a part of the Barbz, Minaj’s fan moniker.

“It was underlying issues before then,” Don’te told Judge Toler. “He likes to blame it on that. It wasn’t because of that.”

Don'te alleged that D'Andrew was ungrateful and disrespectful and claimed that their argument over the beef was a prime example of such. 

“How was I disrespectful because I stated my opinion about what was going on about a social media post?” D’Andrew asked.

Although the raging beef between Cardi B and Minaj seems to be tearing some homes apart, their feud is longstanding. 

Minaj, an undoubtedly successful female rapper, has been involved in a few beefs including one with her ex-boo, Meek Mill. The rapper has also been known to publicly beef with Terror Squad’s Remy Ma and Love and Hip Hop's breakout star Cardi B.

The beef between Cardi B and Minaj was allegedly sparked by rumors of them sneak-dissing on some of their popular tracks, Genius reports.

On “Swish Swish,” a 2017 Katy Perry track that features Minaj, the 37-year-old said “Silly rap beefs just get me more checks. My life is a movie, I’m never off set.” Some fans considered the line to be a shot at Cardi B’s now-husband Offset.

Later that year, Remy Ma premiered “Shether,” a diss track, at the Hot97 Summer Jam in New York. Just before her performance of the song, Cardi B opened up her set.

During the same year, Minaj rapped, “Lil' b***h, I heard these labels tryna make another me. Everything you getting little ho' is cause of me,” on the song "No Flag." Again, some of their fans assumed the line was directed at Cardi B although Minaj made a Twitter post denying the claims.

In her smash hit "Bodak Yellow," Cardi B seemingly responded with, “Can you stop with all the subs, b***h I ain't Jared, if you really want some smoke, you can pull up you can get it.” The rapper denied that she was talking about any particular beef during an interview on The Breakfast Club.

On the 2018 Migos track “Motorsport,” both Minaj and Cardi B were featured on the hit. Cardi B began telling interviewers that Minaj changed her verse despite the "Roman's Revenge" rapper tweeting that Atlantic requested that she remove Cardi B's name from her lines.

The miscommunications continued until the Harper’s Bazaar event where Cardi B allegedly threw a shoe at Minaj, as Blavity previously reported.

The two women have yet to clear the air between them, and it seems Don'te and D'Andrew don't have any plans on rekindling their relationship either. 

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