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Jaden Smith Reveals He Wants 'The World To Know That I Am Switching Professions'

Smith is on a roll and is not stopping anytime soon.

Just like his famous parents, Jaden Smith is a jack of all trades. An already accomplished musician, the 21-year-old is also the revolutionary behind the JUST Water brand. While the former is undoubtedly what contributed to his celebrity, the latter is what Smith wants to dedicate his life to moving forward.

"I want the world to know that I am switching professions and that I am becoming a full-time inventor," Smith said to Complex Thursday. "I'm going to spend all of my time inventing new technologies because I think I'm better at that than making music."

There's no denying Smith's benevolence and creativity, which these days has caught the attention of the media more than his just-released album ERYS. In March, Blavity reported the actor partnered with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to provide clean water for Flint, Michigan residents still lacking the resource. Over the course of a year, Smith's foundation JUST goods company developed a filtration system that produces five gallons of clean water in just 30 seconds. 

More recently, Smith launched a pop-up food truck that delivered vegan meals for homeless people residing on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Titled I Love You, the first truck set up shop on July 8 and since its inception has fed hundreds of patrons.

"The food was vegan because I also want people to be exposed to vegan and vegetarian food, because it's better for them," Smith explained. "I want these people to be healthy and I want them to have a long lasting life."

Fans of his music have nothing to fear, however. While it won't be the forefront of his career, the Malibu native still plans on releasing singles because he "invents new songs."

"I invent new ways to make music, but I'm not a musician," he said. 

Whether his dedication lies in changing the well-being of the community or releasing chart-topping hits, Jaden Smith is paving his own philanthropic path. 

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