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J. R. Smith's Back-To-School Tweets Are Giving Us Life & Making School Cool Again

We live for a student rebrand.

J.R. Smith broke the internet when he announced that he was taking his talents to an HBCU and enrolling in North Carolina A&T University this fall. Since then, the 35-year-old basketball superstar has been using Twitter to keep us updated on everything from his pop quizzes and African American studies class, to his study groups and wild professors.

We've been getting our whole life reading Smith's back-to-school tweets and play-by-play of his in-class journey.

Read Smith's diary of a non-traditional student below and thank us later. 

We’re loving this #AggiePride! Keep that energy coming!

It’s giving "dedication." Let’s give him a round of applause!

If you know, you know. All of us switched major six times, and still don’t know what we're doing with these liberal arts degrees.

It hits different when an NBA star says it.

The struggle is real! Smith is lucky he doesn’t have to experience that ramen lifestyle we know so well.

Smith clearly wasn’t taking any L's with his living situation.

Them Aggie quizzes are not for the faint of heart. You got this!

Never too late to learn the truth.

Ms. Burke, you're the real MVP!

And we’re holding you to it, bro.
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