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'It Just Confirmed How Whack He Was': Watch This Mom Guess Which Dirty DMs Her Son Sent

Nancy completely dissed her son while deciding which direct message he sent to women online.

On a recent episode of The Cut’s Thirst Trapped series, a mother had to guess which dirty message her son sent to women on the internet and she completely disses him from start to finish. 

The video features Nancy and her son, Yisrael, sitting next to one another while Nancy is given four messages to read. Out of them, which are real messages men submitted to The Cut, Nancy has to choose which one Yisrael actually sent.

“You know, he is a hopeless romantic, but I think...that he has that “macho-ism,” that big ball, testosterone thing, and I don’t think that’s his authentic self, I think that is just his peer pressure,” she said of her son.  

When told about the task at hand, Nancy responded, “I think I’m gonna do great,” as she laughed. 

After learning the messages were from real men, Nancy read a few DM’s during the first round and gave an epic response.

“First of all my son does not practice cunnilingus, he doesn’t do it,” she says sarcastically after reading a DM that alluded to oral sex. “I refuse to believe that somebody would have sex with him. That’s really what it is.” 

Nancy, in an attempt to determine if her son was the originator of the message, had Yisrael read aloud one of the DMs that said, “You remind me of my favorite TV Channel, you know why? Bc I would never want to change you.”

“Yeah, that’s whack...that’s him,” she says.

“Do you have any advice for me on how to talk to women?” Yisrael asks as a follow-up before his mom simply replies "Stop. Don't."

Towards the end of the video, The Cut tells Nancy that now it would be Yisrael’s turn to decipher which messages his mother sent to her husband, and she couldn’t resist engaging in the fun. 

“I get nasty with it, too,” she said through a somewhat diabolical laugh. “I love it.”

She also revealed that one time, she mistakenly sent a naughty text message to Yisrael’s grandma.

“I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna have sex?’” she shared. “Then I realized I sent it to Granny...she didn’t respond.”

After being asked what the experience of reading one another’s messages was like, Nancy said it validated what she already knew. 

“It just confirmed how whack he was, and that I’m going to have to do an arranged marriage," she said. “He’s not going to do it right.”

Despite roasting her son for the entire duration of the episode, Nancy did provide an endearing and encouraging message for ladies who may be interested.

“If you are just classy and have some substance, and you’re a good person, he has a sweet heart, he’s very giving, and he will make sure in life you are happy. That’s important to him,” she said.

Since the video was released on May 30, it has garnered over one million views and people are loving the mother-son dynamic. 

“Who else wants this woman to be their mother in law! She's so funny, and clearly her handsome son is the exact same, their family dynamic is great! Love to see it!!,” a viewer wrote in the comments.

“Why is this woman who is 10mins older than this boyish•man, his Mom???!!! mom looks great - I also love how she disses so many of these (his) corny lines. That's right, Mom - TEACH HIM lol,” another user said.

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