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Internet Reminds Sony Music Germany Beyoncé ‘Ain’t No Average B***h, Boy’ After Company Unveils New Sculpture


There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and Beyoncé's beloved fanbase wreaking havoc on anyone who dare disrespect the Queen. Joining Tamera Mowry and most recently Dionne Warwick, Sony Music Germany might want to prep the forthcoming apology.

The music enterprise unveiled the new Bey sculpture at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin Wednesday. The statue is a replica of the "Halo" singer's iconic cover photo for her Netflix special Homecoming

The reveal was met with mixed reviews. Some were pleasantly satisfied, while others insisted the artist behind the piece dust themselves off and try again.

Someone came through with a classic line traditionally heard following Black funerals.

Another user could "sorta" see the attempt.

This isn't the first time an attempt at channeling the award-winning singer's likeness through art was met with swift backlash. Back in 2017, Madame Tussaud's caught some heat from Twitter when they revealed what they thought was a wax figure of the mother of three. From comparisons to Carrie Underwood and "Becky with the good hair," Twitter collectively decided it was anything but their beloved Queen Bey.
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