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In Wake Of Hurricane Dorian, Rihanna Announces Limited Edition Savage X Fenty Collection Will Benefit The Clara Lionel Foundation

The hurricane swarmed over the island on Sunday slowly moving at only 1 mph and causing significant damage.

Update (September 9, 2019): Grammy-winning artist Rihanna is stepping up to help Bahamians in wake of Hurricane Dorian. 

On Monday, the death toll in the Bahamas rose to 45 and is only expected to heighten. A week after the storm ravaged the island as a category 5 hurricane, more than 70,000 people have also been left homeless, according to CNN

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Rihanna announced to her more than 90 million fans on Twitter that purchases from a limited Savage X Fenty collection will go toward The Clara Lionel Foundation. The organization, which was founded by Rihanna in 2012, supports and funds education and emergency response programs worldwide.

According to Fast Company, The Clara Lionel Foundation is in honor of Rihanna’s grandparents and has provided aid amid previous disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. 

The new initiative comes days after the Barbados native spoke out about helping on Twitter in a message that said that seeing the devastation “breaks [her] heart.”  

On Wednesday, the foundation shared that it'd created grants for Dorian victims. 

Rihanna joins a growing list of celebrities who’ve pledged to assist with relief efforts, which includes Tyler Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Ludacris. 

The "Money Maker" artist shared on Instagram that he’s donating $100,000 to victims in the Bahamas. He raised the funds during a Labor Day weekend event hosted by The Luda Foundation. 

Among the companies vowing to offer aid is Royal Caribbean and Walt Disney Company, who both plan to donate $1 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Last week, Hampton University announced its partnership with The University of the Bahamas, which allows displaced students to continue their education on the school's campus for one semester. 

The Virginia-based HBCU is not only providing students with the opportunity to attend classes for the upcoming fall 2019 semester, but they'll also receive room and board. 

Original: While Hurricane Dorian continues to make its way up along the east coast, most of the Bahamas remains underwater. The hurricane swarmed over the island on Sunday slowly moving at only 1 mph causing significant damage.

CNN reported the storm was the strongest hurricane to make landfall on the island since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Hurricane Dorian approached the country as a Category 5 hurricane with damaging 185 mph winds. 

After stalling for hours with destructive storm surges and damaging winds, the hurricane headed north, finally departing from the island on Tuesday.

Seven people have died as a result of the hurricane, and hundreds more are without their homes and resources.

Although parts of the Bahamas, which consists of roughly 700 islands, were left in despair, other parts of the country were left relatively OK.

Since Hurricane Dorian's destruction in the Bahamas, some celebrities have stepped up.

Rihanna tweeted on Monday that her organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation, is working to provide relief to residents in the Bahamas. 

Ludacris said the proceeds from LudaDay Weekend will help the relief fund for the people affected. 

Other celebs shared their thoughts and prayers. 

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Number 45 was criticized for falsely altering the path of the hurricane to match his untrue statements that the storm was headed toward Alabama.

While using a marker, Trump drew on a map issued by the National Weather Service to extend the trajectory of the hurricane. 

To correct his erroneous statement, NWS Birmingham sent out a corrected tweet. 

Nevertheless, our prayers go out to the people of the Bahamas as they start to repair the damage left behind by Hurricane Dorian.

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