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‘I’m Leaving Here With Something’: How Denzel Washington Made Up For A Lost Oscar Is The Blackest Thing You’ll Hear Today

I guess Denzel said he's not leaving empty handed.

In a resurfaced clip of a candid interview on Jamie Foxx’s Off Script With Jamie Foxx series, Denzel Washington opened up about a story from the 1988 Oscars, detailing what happened after the ceremony.

“Let me tell you a Sean Connery story,” the Training Day actor said. “He was up forThe Untouchables, I was up for Cry Freedom, and he comes out to present an award and got a three-minute standing ovation --- for presenting an award.”

“I went to get the coats,” he added while bursting into laughter with Foxx. “Cause I know I ain’t winning tonight. So I’m leaving without the Oscar, but as I’m leaving, I see them in the back getting the food ready for the governor’s ball. I see a big tray, I’m like ‘I’m leaving here with somethin'. I’m from around the way, I’m leaving with something.”

In true Twitter fashion, fans jumped in to add hilarious memes to enhance Washington’s story, making it even funnier. 

One Twitter user referenced one of Washington's most iconic crime films.

In another clip of the interview, the 66-year-old talks about giving advice to his children, two of whom work behind the camera and two who are actors. 

"I try to tell them the truth," he said. "The movie business, I try to tell my two children that are actors, especially in movies, you want people to go 'I can't wait to see them,' not 'I see them everywhere.' You wanna keep some mystery. Keep things quiet until your next movie."

"Branding for an actor is being good. Not being known," he added. "Your brand is whatever you did, is it any good? Not how many likes you got."

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