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Husband Serenades Wife With Daniel Caesar's 'Get You' Before Her Cancer Surgery In Tearjerker Of A Video

Caesar has invited the newlyweds to Coachella.

A North Carolina woman is battling a difficult diagnosis, but her husband is helping her to face the music, and it's got our eyes just a wee bit wet. 

In the video, Ray Singleton is seen singing Daniel Caesar's "Get You" to his wife Rosyln, a Navy vet enduring her second bout with brain cancer, reports Fox Carolina.

The two met in November of 2016 when the 37-year-old was cancer-free. They married in 2018, but by October 2019, the cancer returned, reports WSOC. 

"I wasn't expecting for it to come back because I was young, and I was taking care of myself," Roslyn said. "I don't eat pork. I was like 'I'm doing good.'"

Ray has used his love of music to encourage his wife through her diagnosis. While sitting in the waiting room, during Roslyn’s second brain surgery, he created a video of her journey with his vocals in the background. 

“I was nervous, and I was bored,” he said. “When she comes out, I don’t know if she’ll be able to see this, but I want to make something for her that will make her smile after having her head cut open.”

The video, in which he sings Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” hasn't just made Roslyn smile. It's garnered over 26,500 views on Ray’s Instagram page.

"It got to Shade Room," Ray said. "They've got 17 million followers on Instagram, and it went absolutely crazy. It went crazy!"

Even Caesar’s team caught a glimpse of the video. His management reached out to the couple and invited them to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, at which the Grammy award-winning artist will be performing. 

Throughout his wife’s fight against cancer, Ray’s not going anywhere.

"I told my pastor and God in front of a lot of people, I'm with her through sickness and health and this is just a little part of that," Ray said.

Roslyn first noticed something was off while an active member of the military in 2008. 

By 2013 she received her first diagnosis — brain cancer. But she's somehow been able to find a silver lining.

"To me, cancer is a blessing because it's my way of telling people that no matter what it is, it's going to be OK," Roslyn said.

And clearly her husband helps just a little bit. 

"He makes it OK," she said.

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