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"VISION", a short dance film shot in Los Angeles by Brayden Harry, stars Harper Watters, soloist with the Houston Ballet, and explores the concept of vision: the state of being able to see and the power to imagine the possibilities ahead.

Throughout the film, the choreography reflects the state of the individual's ability to see. With his classical background, Watters performs technical ballet choreography combined with his own unique contemporary flair.

“I’m really inspired by pushing the boundaries of what people think a ballet dancer should be doing; collaborating with other artists and creatives and seeing what the final product is. For me, "VISION" is the perfect example of that; two different artists who have a strong artistic point of view, coming together to let their passion do the talking,” said Harper Watters.

Watters is proud of who he is. Growing up, he was the only student of color. Being adopted at two weeks old to white parents, he knew that people were looking at him. In the dance studio, he used that to his advantage. 

"Standing out means you have everyone’s attention. With that, I can show you even more of who I am and what I have to offer.  When I would go to auditions and classes, I would be the only one who looks like me. I was scared I was so different. Once I got older, I realized, 'They’re already looking at me. I’d better make it so it’s worth it,'" Watters stated. 

Watters has a passion for being bold and unapologetically himself, as evidenced not only in his onstage dancing with the Houston Ballet, but in his viral heel treadmill videos. Watters has 143 thousand followers on Instagram and created the YouTube web series The Pre Showwhich highlights behind the scenes life of professional dancers.

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