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High-Profile Transgender Couple Announces They're Pregnant

Congratulations to activists Myles and Precious Brady Davis.

Civil rights and transgender rights activists Myles and Precious Brady Davis have announced they are pregnant. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, the two have been together for five years since they met while Precious was working as the LGBTQ youth outreach coordinator at the Center on Halsted. 

“I just saw my future flash before my eyes,” Myles said, describing the experience of meeting his wife. “I saw her in the park with kids. I saw the life we live now. I just saw my happiness in her.”

Having been raised in the foster care system, Precious did not initially believe she would ever have kids of her own. 

Myles Brady Davis is a civil rights activist and director of communications at Equality Illinois, an organization leading statewide campaigns to promote the fair treatment of LGBTQ citizens. Precious Brady Davis is a diversity advocate, public speaker and the Central Region communications manager at Sierra Club, one of the most influential grassroots organizations protecting the environment in the U.S. She has been regarded as the most visible transgender woman in the climate movement. 

“It was daunting as a trans couple navigating the world of fertility and we relate to those who struggle to conceive,” the couple said in a statement.

The couple had tried IVF and had to go off of hormones that reinforced their gender identities. 

The conception of their child did not come without hardship and sacrifice. After Precious was off hormones for long enough, her body was able to produce sperm that was then combined with an egg from Myles. 

Despite continued discrimination, transgender people continue to defy all expectations and create families of their own. 

“We hope once again that through sharing our story individuals are inspired to see that all kinds of families exist in our world and should be celebrated.”
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