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Here's How Black Folks Reacted To The Man Who Had The Nerve To Repeatedly Punch A Plane Passenger's Reclined Seat

Whether you're pro-recline or not, don't be the guy who punches the seat.

To recline or not to recline? That appears to be the question. 

Wendi Williams was on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, recently, when she decided to lay back and rest, as I’m sure many people do when flying. Williams was in the row right before the last, and when she put her seat back, the man sitting behind her was not happy about it, according to CBS 12.

The man was stuck sitting upright the whole time since the seats in the last row of a plane do not move. To express his frustration with Williams being in the space, he decided the appropriate response was to repeatedly punch her chair.

When Williams complained to flight attendants about the repeated jabs, she was the one reprimanded.

Williams recorded the encounter and posted it to Twitter, which has now sparked a debate on whether or not passengers should recline their seats. A few have decided they are "no reclining" passengers. 

Many were pro-recline. 

Most decided that whether you decided to lay back or not, do not be the guy who punches the seat. 

Others relayed the man was lucky they weren't the ones in the seat in front of him. 

Say more, sis. 

The CEO of Delta, Ed Bastian, eventually chimed in on the conversation. 

"I think customers have the right to recline. We've been testing reduced recline ... But I think that the proper thing to do is if you're going to recline into somebody, that you ask if it's OK first," he said. 

American Airlines is aware of the incident and is looking into it. 

Couldn't be us. 

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