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Here's The Story Behind The Viral Yoohoo Sketch From 'Atlanta' As Told By Clark County Himself

The actor behind the role tells us about the eerily familiar scene.

In the second season of FX’s “Atlanta,” stans of the Donald Glover executive-produced series are introduced to an eerily familiar rapper named Clark County. Clark is portrayed by up-and-coming actor, RJ Walker. 

One of the season’s most memorable moments features Walker’s character and comes in the form of a Yoohoo commercial. Clark is seen performing a jingle reminiscent of recent ads like Lil Yachty’s Sprite commercial and Chance the Rapper’s irksomely catchy Kit-Kat commercial.

A few days after the episode premiered, an Instagram repost from Lakeith Stanfield, who plays Darius, further solidified the segment’s virality. Walker says he figured the parody commercial would be a hit. 

“Honestly, I did know. Before we shot it, I was like, this is going to go viral. I spoke it,” Walker recently told Blavity. 

“I was at one of the table reads in Atlanta and Donald comes up to me he’s like, ‘Do you rap?’” Walker said of how the segment came about. “And I’m like, ‘A little bit, I’m not a rapper like you. But I can do something (laughs). He was like, ‘Yeah me and my brother came up with this song about YooHoo. It’s like a jingle and we want to incorporate it.”

“ I was like, ‘Let’s get it, let’s do it.’ He sent it to me and all the while Donald was saying it’s simple, I was like, it’s kind of hot though!” the actor continued. “It's catchy, it’s simple and it’s fun. I got to love it. He was downplaying it, so I studied it, studied it, studied it. So when we got on set, I just let loose. I wanted to make this dope. I was taking it so serious. When they yelled cut, everyone was quiet. I thought I did something bad, but everyone was like this is going to be good! All credit goes to Donald and Steve [Glover]. I had to breathe life into Clark County but they are the musical geniuses behind that jingle.” 

Watch the parody commercial below and read the full interview with Walker -- where he talks about the social media chatter about who his character is inspired by -- at our sister site, Shadow and Act

Atlanta airs Thursday nights on FX. 

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