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HBCUs Are Invaluable To Black History And American Education

How Bennett College persists in education for women through the pandemic.

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With the highest-ranking Black female ever elected to U.S. office being a graduate of a Historically Black College or University (HBCU), it is crucial to recognize the important place they hold in our society. Throughout history, HBCUs have played an instrumental role in fighting for racial equality, equity, justice and education. Madam Vice President Kamala Harris benefited tremendously from this foundation of the Black college experience, and we must celebrate the impact they have made throughout history.

Bennett College understands this value and is proud to be an all-women’s historically Black institution providing women of color the foundation to lead with purpose and integrity. At its core, Bennett believes it is necessary to create positive spaces for Black students, especially women, and give them tools to become successful and become beacons for change. Beyond providing educational access, Bennett encourages civic engagement, social justice and equity for all.

As the pandemic persisted, it presented many challenges to fostering the environment many HBCUs strive to have. However, Bennett has taken extra measures to ensure their students' health and well-being, with positive learning environments with their swift transition to online learning. 

One major step the college took this year was partnering with Peloton and Beyoncé, a Grammy Award-winning global entertainer and entrepreneur, to provide their students with access to a two-year digital Peloton membership, no matter where they are in the country. This partnership allows students to maintain their physical health even as they are virtual and cannot access campus facilities.

Beyond this, Bennett has provided a cohesive array of resources to provide aid to students while learning from home. It is a priority to Bennett to protect their students' mental health beyond their physical health. Without access to on-campus resources, the college aims to provide a safe space for its students. Through peer support, hotlines, tutoring services, technology support and more, students are able to receive the help they need.

While the past year has not gone the way most college students have hoped, Bennett is proud to continue to provide a transformative liberal arts education that cultivates self-worth, life-long learning and social action among students. Bennett is honored to be a source of hope for the community and will continue to demonstrate their vital role in society through their students' success.

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