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Hank Aaron's Grandson To Kelly Loeffler: 'Please Keep My Grandfather’s Name Out Of Your Mouth'

The Atlanta native received plenty of support from his followers when he responded to Loeffler's statement.

Raynal Aaron, the grandson of the late Hank Aaron, had some choice of words for conservative politician Kelly Loeffler, who name-dropped the baseball legend while expressing her disappointment about the MLB's decision to move the All-Star game from Georgia.

"The MLB had the chance to honor an iconic trailblazer and Braves legend Hank Aaron," Loeffler tweeted on Friday. "Instead, they bowed to the woke disinformation campaign of the Left—to the detriment of hardworking Georgians and small businesses." 

That's when Aaron jumped in to silence the Georgia Republican.

"Please keep my grandfather’s name out of your mouth," he wrote. 

The Atlanta native received plenty of support from his followers when he responded to Loeffler, who is noted as a staunch opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement and a devoted supporter of former president Donald Trump.

Some took the opportunity to honor the baseball icon, who is also remembered as a champion of human rights.

Meanwhile, people also noted the contrasting image of Loeffler.

As Blavity previously reported, Loeffler lost in the Georgia Senate runoffs against Democrat Raphael Warnock earlier this year. The conservative, who previously owned the WNBA's Atlanta Dream, received backlash from many of the players when she stated her disappointment in the league's decision to support racial equality.

Several Dream players responded by wearing “Vote Warnock” t-shirts to their games. 

“We wanted to make sure we could still keep the focus on our social justice movement, and, funny enough, Rev. Warnock is somebody who supports everything that we support and just happens to be running in that seat,” Atlanta Dream forward Elizabeth Williams said. “So it just worked out really well.”

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