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Gucci Mane's New 1017 Artists Stand In Solidarity With Howard University Students During Protests

"Students, you are the revolution."

Several artists on Gucci Mane's New 1017 record label are standing in solidarity with Howard University students during what they're are calling the #BlackburnTakeover.

Over the course of eight days, rappers Big Scarr, HotBoyWes, Bigwalk Dog and Bic Fizzle planned to tour Jackson State University, Morehouse College, Howard University, Florida A&M University and Texas Southern University during the HBCU's homecoming week celebration. The shows at Jackson State University and Morehouse College reportedly went as planned. However, at Howard University, the rappers joined the students in a protest after learning about the inhumane living conditions, among other concerns at the university.

The New 1017 artists can be seen in several social media clips advocating and speaking with the students. 

“We're still here! Students, you are the revolution. We are the revolution. This is not okay," Scarr's manager wrote on Instagram. One video includes HotBoyWes greeting the students "I stand with y'all" before asking, "where my sign at?!"

Another shows Big Scar sitting down in solidarity next to HU students.

Students at Howard have spent nearly a week protesting at the university to demand improvements to campus life. The protest for better housing conditions and student representation at HU began on Tuesday at Howard's Blackburn University Center, with around two dozen to over 50 students holding down the area at different times during the sit-in.

The #BlackburnTakeover hashtag has flooded social media timelines with videos and photos to bring awareness to the HU movement.

The students have voiced several demands thus far, including an in-person meeting with administrators by the end of the month, student representation on the Board of Trustees, and input on future housing plans for students.

Students have complained about campus housing, citing dorms with mold, water leaks, roaches and pests. Others have mentioned a lack of COVID-19 testing, trouble finding affordable housing near campus and tuition hikes. Despite reporting these problems to the university, HU students say there's been little change.

On Saturday, Howard's Board of Trustees issued a statement regarding the student sit-ins.

"Howard University represents a long-standing tradition of using our voices to drive change. The student's voice is – and always will be – an essential component of the Howard University community,” the board said. “Simply put, we hear you, and we continue to welcome your viewpoints on all matters pertaining to Howard."

"Over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly with the administration and in close partnership with our student and faculty leaders to create solutions to the issues the community has raised. We recognize the urgency at hand and share your passion. We also know that many of these issues will take time to resolve. The board supports and encourages the administration's open, constructive dialogue with students…As Bison, you deserve the best we have to offer, and we pledge to be better and deliver just that."

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