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Former College Basketball Coach Convicted For Fatally Punching Tourist After He Knocked On His Car Window

Jamill Jones insists he was only protecting himself and his girlfriend.

A former Wake Forest University assistant basketball coach was found guilty of assault for trying to defend himself against an intoxicated white man. He is facing up to one year in prison during his sentencing next month, according to the New York Post

Jamill Jones, 37, insists he was only protecting himself and his girlfriend against the tourist in August 2018. 

Sandor Szabo, 35, of Boca Raton, Florida, was in Queens, New York, for his stepsister's wedding. After leaving his brother's hotel room in Long Island City, he proceeded to hit multiple cars in search of the Uber cab he ordered. Jones was sitting in his SUV when Szabo hit and may have shattered the window. Jones then came out of his vehicle and struck Szabo.

Szabo then fell and hit his head on the pavement, the New York Post reported. Jones left the scene after the altercation.

The tourist passed away as a result of the injuries from the fall days later.

According to the NY Post, before the altercation with Jones, Szabo hit a local resident who came out of his home to confront him about his drunken tirade.

Szabo's mother, Donna Kent, was content with the jury's decision. Additional family and friends of Szabo were seen consoling each other after the announcement was made.

"I am so relieved it’s over, I’m ready to sleep and move on. This has been my life for 18 months," Kent said.

Jones was hired by Wake Forest in 2017. He served as an assistant to Danny Manning at the ACC basketball program. Before his career at the university, he was previously an assistant coach at the University of Central Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

According to the Associated Press, Jones later resigned from his post at the college after he was placed on leave. He has made no statements in regard to his charge.

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