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Folks Are Educating Monica As To Why The Streets Call Her ‘Goonica’ And It’s Reminding Us Why We Love Her So

Umm, Monica? Don't act like you don't know, sis.

Everybody’s favorite singing cousin Monica doesn’t seem to know how she earned the nickname “Goonica,” so her fans thought they would let her know.  

Fresh from the high of her and Brandy's wildly successful Verzuz battle, Monica raised an interesting question to Twitter. 

“I have absolutely no idea why y’all call me Goonica! Anyone care to explain,” she asked. “Why don’t you all tell me below! Just a little Morning #MoTalk.”

So of course, Twitter obliged.

Missy Elliott brought up the "So Gone" receipts to offer a bit of clarity.

In the 2003 hit, Monica famously raps "Kick down your doors and smack your chick/Just to show you Monica not havin' that." 

But it was a Twitter user who goes by NellieTheGawd, who brought out the video evidence. On her appearance on FOX’s morning talk show The Real, we caught an up-close and personal view of “Goonica” in action.

In the clip, she appears to be discussing slick-mouthed haters. 

And while Monica may often look angelic, it's clear that the goon still lies underneath.

Not to mention, there was that time Monica let the people know that if anybody popped off to her friend, they would have to see her.

Another Twitter user reminded her that a fly "mugshot" makes her g-card holding status evident as well.

Someone else shared a personal anecdote.

Others also pointed to "So Gone" as being all the evidence needed.

And then there was that infamous time Dallas Austin alleged she punched Brandy before an awards show. 

There were other examples of Monica laying down the law. 

And obviously, someone couldn't resist mentioning how she's the queen for rolling her neck.

We think Goonica understands now.

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