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Fans Rejoice As BET Announces The Return Of Beloved 90's Host Cita

The animated host was featured on the recap of BET Presents The Encore.

1990’s TV programming is often viewed as more experimental and creative than today's. With the advent of cable channels came a large demand for creative content. BET’s TV network found great success during this time, launching a number of iconic shows and introducing one of the most popular Black animated characters of the era.

In 1999, BET launched Cita’s World, a music video show that innovated on the presentation style made standard by shows like Total Request Live. The show’s host, Cita, was a trendy, wise-cracking, lively woman who was always abreast of the latest tea and gossip. Many fans of the animated host were disappointed when she left TV in 2003, but BET is reintroducing her for a new generation of fans.

In a Twitter post on Friday, the black-focused television network announced Cita’s return in a video recap of what transpired during the premiere of BET Presents The Encore, a reality show that brings together nine singers from the late 90’s to form an R&B supergroup.

Cita recalled that the premier featured a number of testy moments between many of the women artists, as they got to know each other on a personal level for the first time and tried to figure out the group hierarchy. She highlighted that Fallon and Felicia King, twin singers of the group Cherish, stormed out of the mansion after insulting the other, more successful members of the cast.

“As the girls get to talking, Fallon and Felicia are definitely not impressed. Fallon throws a rack of shade,” the animated host said, referring to the Cherish singer who called her peers “geriatrics.”

BET fans across the web were thrilled to see the animated personality make her return to the airwaves.

Cita is “the original city girl okkk,” a person on Twitter wrote.

Another person added, “Bringing Cita back is one of the best things BET coulda done.”

In her return, other fans noticed that the new Cita looks a bit different than the past iteration.

“I love that we all agree Cita got some work done #BETPresentsTheEncore,” a Cita fan wrote this week.

Voice actress “Kittie” Kali Troy has become a staple in Black media. Aside from her role as Cita, Troy has also done voice acting for popular shows like The Proud Family, The Boondocks, and Spawn: Animation, according to her alma mater, The University of the District of Columbia.

Despite Cita’s reemergence, it doesn’t look particularly favorable that many of BET’s popular 90’s shows will be revived. According to Hot New Hip-Hop, rapper Bow Wow, also known as “Mr. 106 & Park,” declined to pursue a revival of the popular music video show that succeeded Cita’s program.

Last year, he said he had aspirations of being an executive with the company to help elevate its mission, not to be a host of 106 & Park.

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