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Raise your hand if you ever, ever, ever thought you'd see Hakeem Lyon in a red polka-dotted dress lip-synching for his life to Taylor Swift?

Well, it happened! 

Per Huffington Post, the Empire star chose to don red lipstick and sing-along to Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together  this past Thursday night on Spike’s infamous music battle show Lip Sync Battle

Hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, The 23-year-old actor's competition? No other than his Empire co-star, Rumer Willis, who portrays Tory Ash on the hit Fox musical drama. Willis clapped back by reenacting Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time, equipped with her infamous costume. 

Gray totally embodies the spirit of Swift and really gets into rockstar mode by ripping off his cherry-patterned onesie midway through his performance to reveal a red two-piece skirt set! He was joined by a background of furry dancers and he even busted out into his own choreography! He didn't come to play with y'all! 

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Gray confirmed that he chose Swift’s song because it was “so impactful to the world and the song is so big for the culture.”

“It went so viral with her doing it that I felt that it would reach the fans that I want to reach!” he continued.

And, of course, he hope Taylor Swift herself sees it and shares it: “I hope she retweets it! If she could retweet it, then it would go everywhere!”

I'm sure Lucious Lyon would throw some shade toward Hakeem about this performance, but I bet he'd love it for the greater good of exposure! Bryshere did that! 

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