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#EmbracingKwanzaa Day 7: Imani


#EmbracingKwanzaa is an original series by Grits & Gospel and exclusively distributed through Blavity that is dedicated to putting a spotlight the importance of Kwanzaa's seven principles and how embracing them can better lead to our collective progress.

“They say the goodness in life belongs to those that believe; therefore, I believe.”

The law of attraction states that “focusing on positive or negative thoughts brings positive or negative situations into your life.”

The Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive.” And that “we have not because we ask not.”

Andre 3000 says, “Faith is what you make it.”

Somewhere in between all of the above lies the universal truth behind faith and all things tied to it in life. Everything from our achievements and dreams, to our growth and development hinges on the strength of our faith. Faith should lie not only in the outcomes of our everyday scenarios, but in ourselves to get where we’re going today, tomorrow, and in life.

As we wind down Kwanzaa and kick off the New Year, people everywhere are making their resolutions. Spoiler alert: whether you want six-figures or a six pack, you won’t get there without faith. Sometimes faith is hard to keep because of the obstacles we see in our way. Maybe we’re low on money or simply can’t find the energy to move. Maybe we’re paralyzed by fear and are stuck in a rut. Maybe we’re somewhere between here and there and simply don’t know our next move. Whatever the case may be, faith reminds us that just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, a 2018 filled with all the goodness and prosperity we want begins today.

To quote Jeremiah from the Christmas classic The Preacher’s Wife, “Just because you can’t see the air doesn’t stop you from breathing. And just ‘cause you can’t see God, it don’t stop you from believing.”

With that said, let us embrace faith for all that it is. Faith fills you with adrenaline at the start and gives you your second wind when you’re tired. Faith is the fuel to your vision, a reason to dream. Faith is power and patience. Faith is belief. Faith can be difficult, but faith is always fair.

However, above all, faith without works is dead.

Let us all strive to have tremendous faith today, tomorrow and all of 2018. Happy New Year, y’all!

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