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Dwyane Wade Incidentally Photobombs Couple's Engagement Photo In The Cutest Way

The NBA legend was caught on camera strolling along a beach during a proposal photo shoot.

The moment a person gets down on one knee and proposes is always pretty memorable for those involved. But for one California couple, the moment was even more notable because of who was strolling by.

Ryan Basch was proposing to his girlfriend Katie Ryan on California’s Rosewood Miramar Beach. As the photographer snapped pictures of their big moment, NBA legend Dwyane Wade happened to be passing by. 

The star can be seen touching his heart and seemingly saying "awww" as he realizes the two were getting engaged. 

Wade then came over to Basch and Ryan, took a bunch of photos, and shared them on his own Instagram page as well.

"It was so dope to witness you guys love!" Wade wrote in his own post.  

Basch later wrote on Instagram that he invited Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, to their wedding. 

The couple has been together for about six years, and in a direct message later shared by Basch, the former NBA All-Star said that he needed the couple to last because of his involvement in the photos. 

"I need y'all marriage to work. It's now on my conscious [sic] haha," Wade wrote to Basch on Instagram. 

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