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This CNN Commentator Said Toby Keith Is A Better Inauguration Performer Than 'Beyon-C'

She tried it!

This Trump supporter may have crossed a line. As Trump's Inauguration nears, many A-list celebrities are dropping out of performing at the inaugural festivities. 

With just four days left, TV anchor Don Lemon said on CNN Tonight, "Trump says that he doesn't care about celebrities at the inauguration, he cares about the people. Do you really believe that?"

Kayleigh McEnany, well known conservative, political commentator and Trump supporter said, "I do believe that. When I heard Toby Keith, I was like, way better than Beyon-C." Before she could finish, the rest of the panel, including Symone Sanders and Marc Lamont Hill, erupted in laughter.

 McEnany defended her stance adding, "Toby Keith is A-list for me and the other deplorables out there. So, it's good."


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Don't ever disrespect the queen like that again. 

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