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DaBaby Buys $1,000 Worth Of Hats From Homeless Mom Selling Knitted Apparel

The single mother, who has been living in her car, with her son waited three hours to meet the North Carolina rapper.

As DaBaby ascends to higher heights in his career, he’s not forgetting the fans that continue to support him along the way. Many are applauding the North Carolina rapper after sharing a video to his Instagram of him helping a homeless mother and her child in a major way. 

In the clip, the 23-year-old fan named Amanda and her son can be seen walking into an Atlanta clothing store to meet with DaBaby. The young mother had reportedly waited outside for three hours to meet DaBaby at a scheduled meet and greet, with the hope of asking him if he would be interested in purchasing a knitted hat from her business. When she finally came face to face with the “Suge” rapper, she also revealed that she and her son had been living in her car, noting that it “took a lot” for her to come in and meet him. 

“You tagged me on Instagram earlier, right?” the 27-year-old artist then asked her. “Come here real quick.”

Next, in an ultimate act of charity, DaBaby handed the single mother $1,000 in cash, while also passing around the hats to others at the event, encouraging them to also buy some.

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No recognition needed.

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Overcome with emotion, Amanda tearfully thanked DaBaby, while still holding her son in her arms. As she tried to pull herself together, the rapper then offered to take a picture with her and her toddler. 

“Yo, I’m so f**ked up. This is my son, we are sleeping wild, bro. Thank you so much,” she told the chart-topping artist, as a member of his team prepares to snap a photo. 

After DaBaby shared the video to his Instagram, which included the caption “GODs work. No recognition needed,” fans of the rapper have rushed to support the young woman, who has since racked up over 4,000 new orders, according to TMZ.   

This compassionate act of altruism is just one of several generous deeds the 2019 XXL Freshman has recently done. While in Washington, DC, for Howard University’s homecoming, he showed his support to a group of boys who were selling cookies by paying them $300 for roughly only $230 worth of the treats. He then reportedly gifted the cookies back to the boys, so they could sell them again to someone else.

DaBaby, whose second album Kirk reached number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts in early October, is currently on tour promoting his new album. In an Instagram post, the Charlotte rapper also informed followers that he would also host "surprise meet and greets in random cities throughout the country."

Based on DaBaby's recent philanthropy, one can only hope that more random meet-and-greet pop-ups will also mean more random acts of kindness. 

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