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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Admits To Breaking League Rules By Reviewing Dez Bryant’s Contract With Jay-Z

The billionaire confessed that the negotiations happened in New York City.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has admitted that Jay-Z was involved in the contract negotiations for one of the team’s players. 

Jones, who is among the richest NFL owners in history, confessed that he worked with the billionaire music artist on Dez Bryant's contract during an interview with Cheddar. 

“JAY-Z, bar none, is in the top five of anyone I’ve ever met. His style, his demeanor, the quality of the person he is, he’s just outstanding,” Jones said. 

He went on to say “I negotiated personally with Jay-Z on Dez Bryant’s contract. And we actually were in the 21 Club, and we started about 12 midnight and finished about five in the morning and we negotiated down in the wine cellar Dez Bryant‘s contract."

According to NBC Sports, the league prohibits negotiations with anyone who isn’t certified by the NFL Players Association to negotiate player contracts.

Jay-Z, whose Roc Nation company announced a new partnership with the NFL last month, is not certified by the league's player's association. 

Bryant, a 30-year-old former Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver, is currently a free agent. Ahead of the 2015 season, Bryant signed a five-year, $70 million contract extension with the Cowboys. 

According to SB Nation, he was released from the team last April. In a statement on Twitter, Jones wrote that Bryant “will always be a valued member of our family” but that “ultimately, we determined it was time to go in a new direction.”
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