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City Girls, Cardi B Among Rappers Being Sued For Sampling 'Choppa Style'

The DJ who created the beat claims he has not been paid for it.

A New Orleans DJ is suing a slew of rappers for sampling his beat without compensation.

Kirk Edwards, known as DJ JMK, filed a federal lawsuit claiming ownership of the beat used on “Choppa Style,” a song created by Master P and Choppa, reports WDSU.

The DJ argues he was never properly compensated and Choppa’s record label hired producer William "Playa Will" Nelson to recreate the instrumental. The original was recorded in 2000. Choppa’s version of the song and a remix were included on his 2002 album.

City Girls and Cardi B also used a sample for “Twerk.” The track was certified gold in March, according to the RIAA. It peaked at No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube. Edwards claims the single “misappropriated key protected elements” of the song, according to WIPR.

The song was also sampled by French Montana and Yo Gotti for their 2017 track “Oh Yeah.”

The samplers were also named in the lawsuit. Edwards wants unspecified damages and part of the profits from the song’s use.

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