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This Artist Reimagined Our Favorite Princesses As Black Women

Davian Chester's princess collection is art that all Black girls can look up to.
Dominique Jackson
 • a year ago

Cotton Comes Alive And Reminds Us Of Its Dark Past In John Dowell's Latest Exhibition

Cotton is literally in the fabric of all of our lives.
Namon Eugene
 • a year ago

Why The Softness Of Black Love Is The Strength We Need To See More Of

"Black love is a revolutionary act."
Taj Paxton
 • a year ago

Philly Muralist, Willis 'Nomo' Humphrey, Renowned For Intricate Black Portraits, Dies At 44

Rest in power, Willis!
Richy Rosario
 • a year ago

These Art Basel 2018 Events Are A Major Win For Representation Of Black Artists

"Black artists, and Black females specifically, make up less than 4 percent of artists on display at museums and art institutions across the country."
 • a year ago

Here Are 21 Things That Artists Don't Hear Nearly Enough

Support black art(ists)!
Tyler Marie Lawrence
 • a year ago

This Black Art Caught Angela Bassett's Attention, And It Will Definitely Grab Yours Too

The 'Black Panther' actress is co-curating Chelle Barbour's an art exhibition "YOU IS PRETTY!"
Ida Harris
 • a year ago

The Indie Lovers Guide To The This Year's Toronto International Film Festival

Independent Films to Watch at TIFF 18'
 • a year ago

Houston Ballet Soloist, Harper Watters, Imagines Future Possibilities In This Rousing Short Film

"Standing out means you have everyone’s attention ..."
 • a year ago

Black Art Matters: Why Our Creative Visual Contributions Should Be Valued And Represented More Widely

"The issue isn’t that black art is rare or that black artists are less talented, so why is there such an absence of black representation in art?"
Tania Inniss
 • a year ago

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