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Ben Affleck Revealed Old Dreams Of Running For Congress, Admitted Rep. Ayanna Pressley Would Have 'Cleaned My Clock'

Glad you know, Ben.
Émil Flemmon
 • 5 days ago

Biden And Harris Urge For Voting Rights Protections In Atlanta Speeches

The president and vice president made their strongest push yet to fight Republican voter suppression and implement formal protections.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 5 days ago

How Sidney Poitier And Harry Belafonte Escaped The KKK To Help Save Freedom Summer

In light of the legendary actor’s death, admirers share details of a real-life scene straight out of a movie script.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 6 days ago

UK Agency Backs App That Tracks Women's Locations, Receives Backlash For Being 'Insulting'

Critics say it doesn't tackle the issue of male violence.
BreAnna Bell
 • 6 days ago

4 Things To Know About The Jan. 6 Insurrection, 1 Year Later

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both addressed the nation on the one-year anniversary of the riot.
BreAnna Bell
 • 10 days ago

We Haven’t Recovered From The Attempted Coup, And There’s A Long Way To Go Before We Finally Do

Democratic erosion is not irreversible, and it requires recognizing that we have the power to effect change.
Anastasia Odugbesan
 • 11 days ago

Remembering The Heroes Of The Capitol Hill Insurrection

One year after the attack on the nation's capital, we remember the people who fought against the invasion and those who seek justice now.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 12 days ago

Illinois Law That Bans Hair Discrimination In Schools Named After Black Boy Who Was Told His Hair Violated Dress Code

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the Jett Hawkins Law.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 12 days ago

5 Black Political Leaders Taking Over New York City In 2022

Watch out, we run New York.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 14 days ago

Why New Year’s Day Is So Important For Black History

New Year’s Day has been a moment of significant change for Black people.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 18 days ago

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