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How Losing Love For John Mayer Opened My Eyes To The Widespread Bastardization Of Black Culture

"Far too much money is made off of the backs of Blacks ..."
 • 4 days ago

Reparations Are Essential To Eliminating The Substantial Wealth Gap Between Black And White Americans

"This wealth gap matters a lot because it means African Americans have far fewer opportunities to get ahead and less economic security."
The Conversation
 • 4 days ago

Why I Feel Beyoncé’s 'Brown Skin Girl' Is A Love Letter To Dark Skin Black Women

"If I have a dark skin daughter someday, it will be my love song to her — a reminder that she is a dark skin beauty."
 • 5 days ago

The Harlem Renaissance’s Forgotten History: Black LGBT Leaders Who Were A Major Part Of The Movement

".... many of the artists we celebrate that are associated with the Harlem Renaissance were not only Black, but also queer."
Victor Chiles
 • 5 days ago

How Monica’s Performance At Black Girls Rock Brought ‘Herstory’ Into The Present

"The phenomenon of Monica's performance was how she presented the herstorical onto a present stage."
Lauren K. Clark
 • 5 days ago

Oklahoma’s Revolving Door: How Fines And Fees Trap People In Debt And Incarceration

"... poverty is criminalized and mass incarceration is expanded."
María De Luna
 • 6 days ago

How ‘Queen Sugar’ Brought The Healing Process To Life For Survivors Of Addiction And Sexual Violence

"Healing is complex and looks different for each person."
LySaundra Janee
 • 6 days ago

Why I Think Angelica Ross’ Feelings About Black Girls Rock Are Important, But A Bit Unfair

"For Ross to say that BET ignores LGBT accomplishments is simply not true."
K Williams
 • 6 days ago

Inspired By NYC Fashion Week? Here Are 6 Fashion Businesses You Can Try Now

The fashion industry has always been famous for new innovations and trends.
Nakia Henry
 • 9 days ago

Why Modern Couples Are Ditching The Idea That ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ When Getting Engaged

"... couples are opting out of giving bands embedded with shiny clear rocks and starting new traditions."
 • 9 days ago

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