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Black And Latino Businesses Are Facing Discrimination During COVID-19. Together, Here’s How We Can Change That.

Black and Brown businesses are more than where we go to buy things we need.
Color Of Change
 • 5 days ago

It’s OK To Not Be OK: 5 Tips To Help You Breathe Easier During Challenging Times

Managing life during COVID-19 is tough, but there are ways to survive.
Dr. Akilah Cadet
 • 5 days ago

Why Black Women Deserve Equal Access To Health Care, Including Abortion, During COVID-19 And Beyond

We urge the court to overturn antiquated bans and ensure Medicaid coverage for abortion care in Pennsylvania.
La'Tasha D. Mayes
 • 5 days ago

Why Social Distancing Is Nothing New To Dedicated Long-Distance Lovers

No one has ever built a wall out of a sense of inclusiveness, constructed a barricade in order to mend fences or crowned either/or in wires barbed with harmony.
Matthew J. Parker
 • 10 days ago

3 Tips To Consider Before You Quit Your 9-To-5 To Pursue Your Passion Full-Time

Building a business takes time and patience.
Kara Stevens
 • 10 days ago

As A Survivor Of A Police Shooting, Here’s How Ahmaud Abery’s Death Impacted My Mental Health

A film team came out to capture my story, but instead, they found me in the midst of taking a personal and mental leap.
 • 10 days ago

8 Tips For Hosting A Virtual Get Together With Friends And Family

While partying from home, continue to make positive choices and socialize responsibly.
Dr. Danielle Robinson
 • 11 days ago

Love Is Many Things, But Confusion It Is Not

You won't be hoodwinked by love if you pay attention to the signs.
Corein Carter
 • 11 days ago

Grocery Prices Are Soaring: Here Are Some Tips To Eliminate Waste And Reduce Your Food Budget

Ensure your food stays fresh as long as possible.
Brian Araujo
 • 11 days ago

Why We Should Stop Contrasting And Comparing Malcolm X With MLK

The daughters of the civil rights icons helped set the record straight via Facebook Live.
 • 12 days ago

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