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Why We Need To Remember Africa During Talks Of Inclusion In The Entertainment Industry

"One must remember that under colonial rule Africans were not allowed, nor encouraged, to pursue careers in the entertainment industry."
Patience Gamu Tawengwa
 • 4 days ago

Why I Believe R. Kelly’s Sexual Allegations Prove Separating The Art From The Artist Is A Dangerous Choice

"Claims of separating the two disregards the dynamism of wealth, fame and power birthed by music."
Bennie L. Easley Jr.
 • 4 days ago

The Five Truths I Learned After Being Raped

Despite it all, I'm a survivor.
 • 7 days ago

How A Rejection From A TV Network Inspired Me To Launch A Podcast

Rejection is divine redirection.
 • 7 days ago

Why A$AP Rocky's Proximity To Whiteness Wasn't Enough To Help Him During His Arrest

We will never benefit from their privilege.
 • 8 days ago

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide, You Are Not Alone

The rejection is weighing on me too.
 • 8 days ago

When It Comes To The Health Of Black Americans, Here’s Why Pharmaceutical Innovation Is Important

"We need to make sure that innovative and affordable medications are available to all Americans, especially those of us who have traditionally been shut out from getting the best care."
 • 8 days ago

Less Talk, More Action: Detroit Hospital Takes Charge To Create Diverse Representation Of Physicians

Another important push for Black doctors.
 • 8 days ago

Here’s Why I Passed On A Job Opportunity After The Employer Touched My Hair

"If someone does something inappropriate to someone’s hair, speak up."
 • 9 days ago

How Cancer Changed My Life And Inspired Me To Become A Health Advocate For Other Men

"I am lucky to be on this journey and implore other men to make proactive healthcare choices."
Bin McLaurin
 • 9 days ago

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