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Sidney Poitier – Hollywood’s First Black Leading Man Reflected The Civil Rights Movement On Screen

Poitier deliberately chose to portray characters who radiated goodness.
The Conversation
 • 6 days ago

How Mary J. Blige Made Me Feel Seen With My Mental Health

She’s shown me that when we acknowledge our mental health struggles, we’re doing the work to heal our inner child.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • 7 days ago

Rev. Al Sharpton Exclusive: Why These Unsung 'Righteous Troublemakers,' From Pauli Murray To Claudette Colvin, Deserve Their Flowers

Throughout history and in our present era, there are untold numbers of folks who have worked to advance equal justice for all.
Rev. Al Sharpton
 • 10 days ago

We Haven’t Recovered From The Attempted Coup, And There’s A Long Way To Go Before We Finally Do

Democratic erosion is not irreversible, and it requires recognizing that we have the power to effect change.
Anastasia Odugbesan
 • 10 days ago

John Singleton Loved Us, And We Love Him

Because Singleton took pride in his storytelling and had an intricate plan to execute, we remember his films and discuss them decades later.
Vanessa Elie
 • 10 days ago

Why I No Longer Set New Year Resolutions

Setting intentions over making resolutions is a vibe.
Leslie D. Rose
 • 11 days ago

In The Complex World Of Dating, Trial And Error Makes The Win Sweeter

Dating and potentially loving someone are complex tasks. It’s not meant for the weak or unwilling.
Lanae Dillard
 • 12 days ago

Why I'm Waiting To Exhale

Clean air is fundamental to health.
Anjulie Jacques
 • 13 days ago

Inflation, Workforce Participation And Real Wages: 3 Key Indicators For Monitoring The Economy In 2022

Americans, especially those on low incomes, have felt the pinch of higher prices in recent months.
The Conversation
 • 13 days ago

What Being A First-Gen American HBCU Grad Means To Me

Every college student holds a uniquely personal story of triumph once they graduate.
 • 13 days ago

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