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Why We Must Keep Fighting To Help Our Communities Fully Realize The Political Power They Already Possess

The insurrection at the Capitol was, in part, a repudiation of Black political power.
Terrance Woodbury
 • 3 days ago

On Trump’s Destructive Presidency: Few Will Be Held To Account, But Many Are Complicit

Every time a journalist sits down with a member of the mob who stormed the U.S. Capitol for an interview, I wonder why there is a need to let insurrections explain their failed coup.
Jennifer R. Farmer
 • 3 days ago

In 2021, We Must Make Sure Our Leaders Execute The Economic Justice They Preach

We have the right to sit at the lunch counter. Now we need the resources to purchase from its menu.
David Jefferson Sr.
 • 3 days ago

Miss Me With The Performative Actions And Show Me Some Real Change

I am urging my fellow BIPOC communities to harness this moment in history.
Lynette Medley
 • 3 days ago

Move Over Steve Harvey, I'm Trying To Think Like Lori

In short, I'd like a book, TED Talk or a Masterclass.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • 3 days ago

Blavity Op-Eds: How To Share Your Voice And Submit An Op-Ed

Have an opinion about technology, relationships, health, business or the latest news and politics? Write an op-ed!
Namon Eugene
 • 3 days ago

Stop Living In Denial: The Attack On The Capitol Was Definitely America, And Has Always Been

To look at the Trump insurrection and say, “This is not America,'' is just a lie and a slap in the face to all of the different groups and communities who have suffered losses to these lynch mobs.
T.J. Nichols
 • 7 days ago

Is Impeaching President Trump 'Pointless Revenge'? Not If It Sends A Message To Future Presidents

A different type of protest comes to the Capitol.
The Conversation
 • 7 days ago

Misogyny In The Capitol: Among The Insurrectionists, A Lot Of Angry Men Who Don't Like Women

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was a particular target of some of the Capitol insurrectionists.
The Conversation
 • 7 days ago

Why I Believe We Must Help Our Kids Understand The Capitol Insurrection

Yes, our kids watched the violence in D.C. How are we helping them think about it?
Chris Stewart
 • 7 days ago

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