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Honoring Juneteenth Includes Assuming Responsibility For America’s Racial History

If Republican opponents of Critical Race Theory continue to sanitize this history, then our ongoing effort to form a more perfect Union will only further stall.
Chris Yarrell
 • 8 days ago

Why Our Lawmakers Should Fund Gun Safety Advocates

Black trauma is silent, and the important work we do to combat gun violence is invisible to many — including our lawmakers.
Mar'Yum Patterson
 • 8 days ago

The Midterm Election Is A Year And A Half Away. Now Is The Time To Start Speaking With Voters.

With the current voter restrictions sweeping our nation, voters need detailed information on how they can control their vote.
Leigh Chapman
 • 10 days ago

As A Black Sudanese-American Woman, I Knew It Was Imperative To Make A Film About Celebrating The Joy Of Self-Love

As we learn to heal, we start moving towards wholeness.
Aaraf Adam
 • 10 days ago

3 Tips To Make A Seat At The Table For Yourself As A Black Executive

It is up to all of us to ensure that we push this needle and show up like never before.
Dove Bennett
 • 10 days ago

Don't Confuse Having A Gay Bestie With Being An Ally

Let's not make "my best friend is gay" into the "I have a Black friend" of homophobia.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • 13 days ago

Why I'm Teaming Up With An NFL Coach To Remind Americans Of Our Oft Forgotten But Ever-Present Humanity

It has taken me my entire life to arrive at a point where nothing matters more than to be completely myself.
Audrey Cavenecia
 • 13 days ago

The Finance World Has Been A Bastion Of White Male Privilege. But, That’s Slowly Changing.

Given the enormous power and wealth that these institutions possess, it is imperative that their ranks be represented by a diversity of voices.
Dr. Julianne Malveaux
 • 13 days ago

Ray McGuire: New York City Deserves A Comeback

You have an opportunity to choose “more of the same” or “a historical comeback.”
Ray McGuire
 • 14 days ago

I Hid My Sexuality While Navigating The Music Industry. I Found True Acceptance Through My Photography.

It seemed America only embraced a view of Black men as aggressive, hyper-sexual, misogynistic and homophobic — certainly not vulnerable.
Teron Beal
 • 15 days ago

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