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Black Kids And Suicide: Why Are Rates So High, And So Ignored?

... Black youth at risk may even be more difficult to identify than non-Black youth.
The Conversation
 • 4 days ago

How I’m Helping To Rebuild Our Impoverished Black Communities Through A Digital Retail Platform

The answer to this problem persisting in our community lies within us.
Tem Morgan Legacy Brands
 • 5 days ago

Big Money And Its Impact On Candidates Of Color In The 2020 Race

It is concerning that Bloomberg is able to infuse his campaign with massive amounts of capital to possibly subvert the will of a segment of the electorate.
Lessie Branch
 • 5 days ago

Why Democratic Leaders Hoping To Win Over Black Voters Need To Shower Us With The Attention We Deserve

Candidates need to clearly articulate their understanding of the specific issues minority voters are facing.
Logan Patmon
 • 5 days ago

How To Recognize When You’re In An Abusive Relationship

No one deserves treatment that makes them feel unsafe, unwanted and unloved.
ru jones
 • 9 days ago

How Consent Makes Sex Safer For Everybody Involved

There are lots of scenarios in which it can get complicated; asking questions is always where you want to begin.
ru jones
 • 9 days ago

As A Black Woman, Here’s Why I’ll No Longer Let Men, And Other Women, Walk Off With My ‘Stuff’

Ntozake Shange never lied.
 • 10 days ago

6 Things To Consider If You’re Planning To Buy A Home In Your 20s

... get on top of the critical factors early on and ensure that you’re in full control of this deal ...
Nakia Henry
 • 10 days ago

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Your World Is Falling Apart For Mental Therapy To Help Get You Together

Therapy is by no means easy, but do not wait until you are emotionally drained to start.
 • 10 days ago

Nonprofits That Empower Leaders Of Color Are More Apt To Do Something About Racial Inequality

A few major nonprofits are led by people of color ... But these are exceptions among both large and smaller nonprofits.
The Conversation
 • 11 days ago

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