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COVID-19 Just Won't Leave My Family Alone

Between the political banter, vaccine mandate arguments and anti-maskers, people forget about the losses.
Desiree Johnson
 • 10 days ago

The Wayward Thinking Connecting Abusive Partners And Parents Who Hit Their Kids

I believed my distortion of what qualifies as abuse stemmed from extreme circumstances.
Hope Victoria
 • 10 days ago

A Year After Chadwick Boseman’s Passing, An Increased Risk Of Colon Cancer Among Communities Of Color Remains

Like the superheroes our children idolize on the big screen, let’s use our knowledge and breakthrough technologies to save lives.
Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall
 • 10 days ago

Drinking With Mom And How I Learned To Name My Generational Trauma

The problem isn’t only about financial barriers, but also the emotional, social and cultural ones that we as Black and brown people have erected ourselves.
Marian Jefferson
 • 11 days ago

Michael K. Williams Wasn't Gay But He Surely Put On For Queer Black People

Omar Little wasn’t a diversity hire in a world of Baltimore gangsters on "The Wire" — he was the boogeyman they feared.
Amanda Monroe
 • 12 days ago

I Lost My Mom To Asthma Right After 9/11 And There Was Limited Bandwidth For My Grief

September always reminds me that while I never cried alone, the world had run out of empathy.
Leslie D. Rose
 • 14 days ago

9/11, That Early Dismissal And The Tears I'm Still Crying

At age seven, I'd never seen pain like that before, but I knew what it meant for us.
Tyra Wilkes
 • 15 days ago

Voting Rights Are At Stake. President Biden Needs To Stop Playing The Fence On The Filibuster.

One cannot praise Black voters for their electoral support and stay silent when rogue lawmakers come to take away their rights.
Cliff Albright
 • 15 days ago

Black People Deserve To Be Protected Online As Much As They Do Offline

Tech platforms think dedicating a month to “celebrate Black brilliance” will effectively eradicate the racism rooted in the practices and products.
Color Of Change
 • 15 days ago

How Being A Bridesman Led Me To Celebrate And Reevaluate Love

Black love is an understated form of rebellion.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • 21 days ago

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