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During Passover, Black Jews Are Still Waiting To Get To The Promised Land

We can no longer ignore the fact that our North American Jewish community is continuing to evolve and become more diverse by the day.
Nate Looney
 • 6 days ago

The Many Faces Of A Colon Cancer Patient

This is a disease that impacts all races, but African Americans are currently impacted at a higher rate when it comes to diagnoses, as well as mortality.
Al Thomas
 • 7 days ago

The Chauvin Trial Will Impact How A Generation Views Justice

Justice would be a living and breathing George Floyd helping his young daughter with her homework.
Richard A. Fowler
 • 7 days ago

Maybe We Shouldn't Take Our Black Bodies To South Beach

Prior to 1959, Black people were restricted by law to one beach.
Deen Hasaan
 • 7 days ago

Black Students And HBCUs Are Essential To Building A Quantum Future

Without diverse scientists, we will miss massive opportunities to advance science.

I Was One Of Many Black Girls Disproportionately Funneled Into The Youth Justice System — An Open Letter To President Biden And VP Harris

I was 15 years old when I took my first plea deal. I didn’t fully understand what was happening.
 • 8 days ago

Lil’ Nas X's 'Montero' Topples Traditional Ideas Of Gender And Sexuality In Christianity

As Black, same-gender-loving women of faith, we never fathomed seeing a Black or queer person replicating, let alone re-imagining, Biblical stories and theology.

We Are Not Pacified By Shots And Stimulus Checks — We Want Justice

As a former elected official, I understand that things take time. However, Black people in America do not have time.
Dr. Wes Bellamy
 • 8 days ago

NCAA Corporate Sponsors Need To Get Off The Sidelines And End Systemic Exploitation Of Black College Athletes

The College Athletes Bill of Rights will provide necessary protections against the NCAA’s physical, economic and academic exploitation of Black college athletes.
Color Of Change
 • 8 days ago

Biden Bucks Are Not Enough And The Government Must Continue To Positively Shift The Economy For All

We need to question why we only demand government action when there is an economic crisis.
Anastasia Odugbesan
 • 12 days ago

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