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Why Calling Sen. Kamala Harris 'Too Ambitious' Is Another Microaggression Against Black Women

Perhaps people's own limiting beliefs regulate Black women to a lower place in their contrived vision of a leadership hierarchy.
Desiree S. Coleman
 • 3 days ago

Does Warning Black Children About Racism Help Or Hurt Them?

Based on my own experience as an immigrant, as well as the lives of my relatives in the United States, we have always believed that we could do anything and everything we wanted — and so we do.
Rasheda L. Weaver, PhD
 • 3 days ago

Why Black Girls Can’t Wait For Police-Free Schools

Black girls, racial trauma and school policing.
Jamelia N. Harris
 • 6 days ago

The First Step To A Better Future? Having Difficult Conversations About The Past

When enough voices speak out, even a whisper can be amplified to a yell.
Justice Brown
 • 6 days ago

Smartphone Witnessing Becomes Synonymous With Black Patriotism After George Floyd's Death

Black witnessing glares back at authorities in times of crisis or protest.
The Conversation
 • 6 days ago

What I Believe USPS Should Do To Save Itself And Better Serve Customers

The overall mail volume decline is the result of online diversion.
Praveen Chaparala
 • 6 days ago

Be Willing To Get Into Good Trouble: A Tribute To John Lewis

Silence is not an option.
Katrina Currie
 • 7 days ago

Why The PledgeLA Lab Fund Is Investing In HBCU Entrepreneurs

Applications are now open. The deadline is August 6, 2020.
Evan Boswell Hamilton
 • 7 days ago

Black Woman, You Are Brilliant, Brave And Beautiful

Looking back on it, I see I didn’t care enough about me to see my value.
Arika J. Linton
 • 7 days ago

Why I Believe Frontline Workers Are The New Social Influencers

If praising the people who keep the world moving is our new normal, I’m OK with that.
Tyra Wilkes
 • 7 days ago

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