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Enough Is Enough: Why Misogynoir Has No Place In Our Society And Politics

Historically, white America has repeatedly dictated how Black women should act, how we should wear our hair and how we should relate to others.
Marcela Howell
 • 3 days ago

3 Things To Do To Get Out Of Your Entrepreneurial Slump

To the entrepreneur that can't get out of bed.
Maranda Joiner
 • 3 days ago

As Students And Activists, We Recognize Our Civic Duties Don't End On November 3

It is imperative that we are outspoken about important issues and listen to others.

Why We Can’t Honor Our Ancestors Without Exercising The Rights For Which They Fought

Like his father who served in World War I, my grandfather came home to a country that used a grab bag of tactics to prevent him from voting because he was Black.
Andrea Hailey
 • 4 days ago

Why Black Essential Workers Are Critical In This Election

For hundreds of years we have taken care of others, even as our own families struggle to get by in substandard housing, inadequate schools and poor health conditions.
Color Of Change
 • 4 days ago

Initiatives To Close The Digital Divide Must Last Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic To Work

Internet access at home has been linked to higher academic achievement.
The Conversation
 • 4 days ago

Why I’m Supporting Ice Cube And His Black America Contract

I do not want to look back at this window and complain about all of the missed prospects because we were too busy over-examining and finding fault, when we could have collectively collaborated to present a unified stance to the powers that be.
Shareefah Mason
 • 5 days ago

Disinformation Disenfranchises Black Voters: How Authentic Messengers Are Helping Fighting Back

Voters are inundated every day with a sea of misinformation, litanies of lies they’re prompted to “share if you agree.”
Justin Myers
 • 5 days ago

Why I Vote And Help Others Understand Their Own Power At The Polls

Voting has a learning curve.
Reka Robinson
 • 5 days ago

Why Beating COVID-19 Is A Real World Group Project

We are in this together. We can get out of this together.
Rumbi M
 • 5 days ago

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