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Celebrating Life, Legacy And The Black LGBTQ Civil Rights Pioneers Who Thought Of Us All

As we reflect on history, let's protect our future.
David J Johns
 • 4 days ago

Sociopaths Often Lack Empathy, But That Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Need Ours

What can be done to thwart the ill adjusted viewpoints and behaviors of someone who behaves in a manner that is antisocial?
Kevin Gardner
 • 5 days ago

How The Affordable Care Act Is Key To Helping Close The Health Care Racial Gap

Less Americans across all racial groups in 2018 claimed that they did not see a doctor because of cost.
Cat Perez
 • 5 days ago

On The 100th Anniversary Of The Negro Leagues, A Look Back At What Was Lost

Major League Baseball benefited from talent cultivated in the Negro Leagues ...
The Conversation
 • 5 days ago

11 Tips To Help Make Your Dating Life Everything It Finally Should Be

"There is no need to worry or feel anxious while dating because you are the prize!"
Ashley Rae
 • 9 days ago

Why You Should Consider Marriage Counseling Before You Propose

"It was marriage counseling that gave me the assurance I needed to be confident that my relationship had a strong foundation to build on ..."
Rontel and Eboni
 • 9 days ago

50 Years Later: The Murder Of Fred Hampton And The Impact It Had On My Life

I first became aware of the Black Panther Party when I was four years old.
Sarah Ratliff
 • 10 days ago

As A Leader In The Afrofuturism Movement, Here Is Some History On What It Is And Its Lineage As An Artistic Concept

Acclaimed musician Nona Hendryx on the Afrofuturism movement, her championing of the genre and how she is pushing the art forward.
Nona Hendryx
 • 10 days ago

5 Young Black Professionals Who Are Helping Us Preserve Our Beauty And Mental

The beauty that resonates within the culture demands an upkeep just as fresh as we are.
Faith Abili
 • 11 days ago

I Was Dragged And Handcuffed While Standing Up For Black Lives On MLK Day

... now is the time to work to protect Black lives and end police violence.
 • 11 days ago

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