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Cardi B Defends Her Blackness After She's Compared To Gina Rodriguez: 'How Do You Act Like A Black Woman?'

Twitter users are questioning why the rapper can say the n-word if Rodriguez can't.

Cardi B took to Twitter this week to set the record straight, again, all because of Gina Rodriguez.

On Tuesday, the Jane the Virgin actress posted an Instagram story of her singing along to "Ready or Not" by the Fugees. Rodriguez, who allegedly aims to fight for inclusivity in Hollywood, looked to the camera and iterated "n***a" while singing Lauryn Hill's lyrics, instead of censoring herself. While we can all agree the song will always be a smash, what people can't seem to agree on is who can and can't say the "n***a."

After the Rodriguez debacle, the argument of who gets a pass — which seems to come up every few months — was once again on the table. In this discussion, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s use of the word came into question. Multiple twitter users expressed their thought that if the rapper, who is of Dominican and Trinidadian descent and identifies as Black, can say it, then so can Rodriguez. 

One social media user took to the app to defend Kulture’s mom, saying the two instances are not the same because while the Bronx native embraces Black culture, the actress silences Black voices to interject about Latinx people.

The tweet then started an online rift when another social media user claimed the Hustlers star was actually a culture vulture. 

The star herself eventually intervened, asking the Twitter user what it means to “act like a Black woman.” When an old video of the former television personality resurfaced, in which she talks about loving herself as a Black woman, she continued by saying she’s always claimed her Blackness but it’s “always a L.”

This isn’t the first time the songwriter has expressed frustration in having to defend herself. Earlier this summer, she sat down with Zendaya to dispel rumors and talk about the challenges she has faced when it comes to her blackness being called into question.

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