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Candace Owens Uses Fox News Interview To Obsess Over Cardi B's Grammy Performance: 'It Was An Attack On American Values'

Candace Owens just cannot seem to keep Cardi B’s name out of her mouth.

Black conservative Candace Owens and Cardi B engaged in a hostile Twitter feud on Tuesday after Owens claimed the rapper is “destroying American values, and American principles."

Owens' criticisms came after Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Sunday night Grammy performance. During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday, Owens expressed her disdain for their performance to the top-charting single “W.A.P.” 

“This feels more sinister. This is starting to me to seem like it’s not even left or right, it’s not a political issue. This seems like an attack on American values, American traditions, and you’re actually actively trying to make children aspire to things that are grotesque,” Owens said, adding “We are celebrating perversity in America.”

She said the performance was a “lesbian sex scene being simulated on television.” 

Initially, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper was seemingly unfazed by Owens’ comments, relishing in the Fox News airtime.  

"Yaaaayyyyyyy WE MADE FOX NEWS GUYS !!! Wap wap wap," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. 

The feud then took a bizarre turn as the two women hurled personal insults at one another regarding race, gender, politics and even infidelity.  

Owens announced on Tuesday that she plans to sue the New York native after she posted photoshopped tweets that have since been deleted of Owens' husband engaging in adulterous acts. 

“This looks like a random blog that seems to have been dumb enough to have fallen for a photoshopped tweet,” Owens responded to Cardi B. “You tweeted that the photoshopped tweet was real and you saw it on a day that I was trending—which is a lie. You made that part up to help circulate a slanderous lie.”

This is not the first time Owens and Cardi B have had their public differences.  

In Sept. 2020, Owens mentioned Cardi B’s name in a Twitter video claiming that the rapper is responsible for the demise of Black culture.

Cardi B took credit for giving Owens more publicity but decided not to address her directly. 

"There's certain people I want to curse out, but I don't want to give them clout," she said in Dec. 2020. "For example, when me and Candace Owens got into an argument, I gave that b***h 2 million followers." 

When Carlson asked Owens on Monday if she would want to raise her kids in a world like this, she responded, “No, and I say to people all the time that follow me, I’m sincerely looking at homeschooling, making sure that my kid is not going to be polluted with this.” 

The conservative couldn’t help but add more of her opinion to the conversation, insuating that Cardi B is unaware of the platform she has and the message her Grammy's performance sent to young girls.  

"Millions of young girls follow you. At your best, you are self-deprecating and humorous," she wrote. "At your worst, you are naked, shoving your vagina into another woman’s vagina while thrusting atop her. You were at your worst on the Grammy stage. Do better."

Owens didn't let the feud stop at Twitter, as she posted a 13-minute long video to Instagram explaining her proposal to sue Cardi. 

In her Fox News segment, Owens went on to mention that the performance was the “end of an empire," and that “America cannot survive or sustain under these values."

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