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Posted under: News Politics

California Governor Signs Bill Requiring Public Schools And Colleges To Provide Free Menstrual Products

Feminine freebies are here.

California is standing with women in their fight against the Pink Tax a term used to describe the price increase on products and services marketed toward women.

On Friday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed The Menstrual Equity Act, obligating the state’s public schools and colleges to have free menstrual products in all-female and all-gender restrooms starting in 2022. The newest extension of the bill builds on the state’s 2017 law requiring low-income schools in underprivileged areas to provide students with free menstrual products.

In 2020, a similar bill passed in Scotland that required all public places to offer free menstrual products.

The Golden State's latest law includes grades 6 to 12, community colleges and the California State University and University of California systems. California is also urging its private schools and colleges to follow suit in making hygiene products accessible. Several cities like New Orleans and institutions such as Purdue University are also standing with women by offering free feminine hygiene products on their campuses.

“Our biology doesn’t always send an advanced warning when we’re about to start menstruating, which often means we need to stop whatever we’re doing and deal with a period. Just as toilet paper and paper towels are provided in virtually every public bathroom, so should menstrual products,” Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia said.

Free tampons and pads scratch the surface on products that are marketed towards women and are dramatically overpriced. From razors, toys and even medications, the pink tax is an unfair tax imbalance. We love to see society's norms and privileges being redefined.  

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