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The Black Men Of Cambridge University Are Setting Timelines Ablaze

Yet another viral hashtag making our black men visible.

There's nothing we stan for more than a visual representation of #BlackBoyJoy. This is just another sprinkle of amazing.

In line with the recent viral sensation #BlackMenofYaleUniversity, black men at Cambridge University are coming together in the name of visibility. The men at this prestigious UK university realized that they were a community early on in their time there. They represent the only 15 black men accepted into their undergraduate class. That staggering statistic prompted the epic photoshoot that has become the epitome of "squad goals."

The group of men, who are also members of Cambridge's African Caribbean Society, shared this statement on their reasoning behind the powerful imagery.

Photo: @Cambridge_ACS

Social media timelines have been very supportive of the moment and the photoshoot with messages of encouragement.

The shoot even got the support of the Tunde, one of the men behind #BlackMenatYaleUniversity.

Yes, yes and more yes!

Photo: GIPHY

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